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Where is the justice?

October 27, 2012
Daily Press


Justice is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as: 1) "the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment or merited rewards or punishments; the administration of law; especially: the establishment or determination or rights according to the rules of law or equity; 2) the quality of being just, impartial or fair; the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action; the quality of conforming to law; 3) Conformity to truth, fact, or reason." With that in mind I don't know what our local justice system is thinking these days.

Earlier this year a man in my neighborhood was arrested for aggravated indecent exposure. He was caught exposing and "fondling" himself by a busload of children and their driver on their way to Cameron School for classes. This is a felony offense in Michigan and carries a maximum sentence of not more than 2 years of imprisonment or a fine of not more than $2,000 or both. He was arrested and spent 76 days in jail for this offense and placed on probation for 5 years and has to register on the "non-public" sex offender registry. This is this man's second offense for indecent exposure while living in this neighborhood. This neighborhood includes Cameron Elementary School (a kindergarten readiness through second grade school) as well as Grace Church's Little Light of Mine Preschool both within less than 1,000 feet on his property line. He has been permitted to return to his residence under the following conditions: he must put a fence (that was suppose to be 10 feet tall but city ordinances only allowed for 6 feet); he must enclose his back deck area to chest high with lattice; and he must partially block/cover his house windows to the point that will cover the lower half of his person. What does this solve? He committed both offenses while on his own property in this neighborhood, exposing himself to children both times that were on their way to school. How can our local justice system call this justice? What about the innocence that these children have lost? What about those of us that still have to live near this man? I cannot let my young child out to play without wondering if she will have to see this man doing things that he shouldn't be.

There are more children than just mine in the neighborhood that do not need to be "exposed" to this. Where is the justice in this sentencing of this sex offender? Up until this crime reached the arraignment process, local law enforcement handled everything correctly. The justice system basically ordered this man to "hide out" in his home instead of making him move to an area more suited to a single person. It's a good thing this isn't an election for the judge because I would definitely not be voting for "his" type of justice!

Rodney Bricker




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