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Success: At what cost?

October 8, 2012
Daily Press


Mr. Romney is proud of his success in business and says so. But success at what cost? For Mr. Romney success is making millions in bonuses for himself while others, those who produce something, are devastated because now their plants are bankrupt. Bankrupt because of the debt Mr. Romney put them in to pay those large bonuses to himself.

Hundreds of people lost almost everything they had, things they worked hard for, producing something worthwhile for the American people. Now their workplace has ended in foreclosure because of the heavy debt Mr. Romney put it in, for the bonuses he gave himself and his cohorts. How can you call it success when a person greedily bankrupts a company while producing nothing so he can profit while those who produced something are now unemployed and hurting? If this is what success is, our priorities are very sinful and iniquitous.

Remember this when you head to the polls this November. Both men have excellent educations. One worked for his so he could help mankind, the other had his way paid by his wealthy father so he could help himself.

Bob Archambeau

Cape Coral, Fla.



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