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Windmill fraud case continues

April 8, 2014

ESCANABA — A plea deadline was recently extended for a Kincheloe man accused of scamming customers who purchased windmills from him more than two years ago....

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Apr-09-14 11:18 AM

Hey BravesRock remember one thing tea parties are for little girls, oh and the brain dead as well!! Just ask Sara Palin the tea queen!!!

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Apr-08-14 10:25 PM

Braves, you do a good job reciting the Fox News talking points about Dems "pandering" with "entitlements" to maintain people's "dependence" and so on. Heard it a million times before. I myself have no dependence on these "entitlements" you speak of yet I pull the D lever. Primarily because the platform of the R's is morally and logically repugnant to me.Let's not forget unfunded wars and tax breaks for donors while they bloviate about "fiscal responsibility" when the other team is in office. You might consider another news source. And I bet you tell folks you're an "independent" but lean R.

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Apr-08-14 10:05 PM

Ives cases are far from being over! All that has been in the escanaba daily press has been one sided and the real truth about all the cases will be coming to light. Jenny lancour doesn't want the public to know the truth about all Ives cases for the last 2 years. Lancour had to have some part in the cases, after all 80 times of publishing Ives in the paper. Jenny Lancour's niece was one of the so called "VICTIM's" in Delta county cases.

SADDLE UP!! Menominee, Delta, Daily Press, and yes Detective Jean Banger from the Michigan State Police.


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Apr-08-14 10:02 PM

Of course

the rich and their businesses,

corporations and political parties

don’t steal from the other 99%.

They just steal from themselves.

The other part of reality,

is the rich and their corporations have the resources to remain untouchable, and

therefore may pay fines but never get convicted or make restitution …

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Apr-08-14 10:01 PM

The poor,

- get caught,

- aren’t smart enough to cloak their business with a "respectable" shield to smooth the path to righteousness

- they don‘t have the resources of being rich, nor

- the cunning of having a business plan, and

- they don’t have the money to hire

cadres of lawyers, cheats and charlatans

- courts and

- politicians

to intercede.

On the other hand to name a couple of respected names, when there are tens-of thousands more …

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Apr-08-14 9:57 PM

General Electric - GE -

thought hard

and hired over a thousand ex-IRS workers, chieftains, and miscreants

who knew the ropes and loopholes of the congressional created IRS tax code,

well enough to guide them through the legal holy waters to redemption . . .


misfeasance, and

nonfeasance, aside

for even though having made




but instead received a

- $5,000,000,000



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Apr-08-14 9:55 PM

Walmart games it’s workers.

Walmart games taxpayers

Walmart games states…

Walmart games the system.

By knowingly paying only enough

in wages to qualify much of their labor force for food stamps and medicaid at taxpayer expense,

yet walmart salts away tidy profits, in hidden hiding holes.

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Apr-08-14 9:53 PM

While most businesses,

don’t start out the gate in the spirit of deceit,

eventually they get caught up in in the idea ... eventually,

It’s just a matter of time and circumstance.

Altruism for the sake of business,

must have a rate of return for the business . . .

that promotes desire within a businesses to engage that idea.

btw - refer to me as you have,

with distain

I am, an prefer to remain

not your friend.

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Apr-08-14 7:11 PM

On the other hand, we have the democrats and other assorted liberals, who buy votes by pandering to those whose existence depends on entitlement programs, knowing that continued and increased dependence on these programs insures a base of support for the programs and the politicians who establish and fund them. Corruption is not limited to the "rich" or the republicans, my friend. And the "two people" you refer to did far more than not obtain a license. They (allegedly in the case of the windmill guy) deliberately set out to deceive people who entered into contracts in good faith. In the case of Ives, he has been tried and convicted of and/or pled guilty to stealing thousands of dollars from individuals who I suspect will never see restitution despite court orders.

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Apr-08-14 3:58 PM

Before you rail against the two that you mentioned,

you should think with a clearer head,

- about why they are different from other businessmen and

- how they are alike other businessmen.

All businesses, businessmen, corporations,

are really exercising

- their inalienable right,

- thier entitlement mentality

- to perform business under the

"free enterprise system".

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Apr-08-14 3:57 PM

There are two opinions regarding the “free-enterprise” system:

1) completely free of outside influence ( lais·sez-faire )

2) limited influence to protect from businesses from themselves,

their rampant, overzealous desire and enthusiasm for money . . .

- greed

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Apr-08-14 3:56 PM

To date,

republicans and the rich have


at reversing

the second opinion

- by buying courts,

- by buying elections,

- by buying politicians,

-by buying governors,

-by buying state legislatures

- by buying - financing - the campaign election process.

of course, there is no greed motive at work under the

“free-enterprise system”

- only perfect altruism

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Apr-08-14 3:55 PM

Loosely speaking,

Capitalists and Capitalism are

a special system developed for the





in which businesses

- trade,

- TRADE-GROUPS and the

- merchant industry are

CONTROLLED (entirely) by

private owners FOR their PROFIT making potential . . .

rather than by (limited) control from the state.

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Apr-08-14 3:53 PM

Again, loosely speaking,

these two people and degree of separation, or difference,

is not very different from other Capitalists.

The difference being, some Capitalists take an extra step,

- they buy a special license,

- a franchise issued by a state,

to perform their acts of Capitalism.

These two people just failed to obtain

- the proper license,

- a state franchise to operate,

however the motivation is


as other business,

republican, democrat, rich, corporation,

- to maximize profits …

- at any and

- all costs….

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Apr-08-14 3:51 PM

They just lacked

- exercised poor judgment . .

- tried to maximize the profit motive too fast, to perfection,

- something, other capitalist haven’t taken - yet

- to this extreme.

- Money, - greed,

- business, - religions,

- corporations - republicans,

- democrats, - the two-party system,

- the free enterprise system,

- all franchised by the state,

- all aspire to, and are

- inspired by the same motives . . .

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Apr-08-14 3:49 PM


Sell the sucker what he/she wants,

give the consumer what she/he deserves.

Take a profit


- a little extra if you can get it

- is fine too,

- for your time.

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Apr-08-14 1:10 PM

This dirtball must be related to Jason "Ives The Embezzler!!"

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