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Bill would end corporate secrecy

September 3, 2013

WASHINGTON — In August, I led a bipartisan group of Senate colleagues in introducing a bill to combat terrorism, money laundering, tax evasion, and other wrongdoing aided by use of U.S....

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Oct-29-13 12:20 PM


You missed the point.

Note: Not that this isn't something new here,

you've scored highly, the cusp, or the top of your game...

I was trying to be ‘kind’ while mentioning that you were "young".

I was refering to your thinking, and really, the word infantile was at the fore with regard to cognitive capabilities,

and overall critical thinking skill development and lack of vision.

I’m glad to be a party to have made a positive mistake that provided you with renewed spirit.

There is nothing like an old spirit with renewed


and nowhere, or

no place

to show it off···

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Sep-13-13 11:42 PM

Thank you for calling me "young." That word hasn't been used to describe me in a long time, other than in jest. And you have no idea what my "life experiences" include. I did notice that you and your alter egos disagreed with the facts I posted about AFSCME contributing more than the US Chamber of Commerce and more than you said all unions contributed. You ask for facts, and then when they are presented to you you ignore them.

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Sep-13-13 8:22 PM

You have basically two points to contribute.

1) The rich, corporations, and republicans.

2) Anyone not you is immature, lacks life experience, emotionally and psychologically stunted, and just plain dumb.

I've given several post that absolutely 100% refute anything you could possibly put forth about "it's all the rich, corporations, and republicans"

Yep the rich have power, no denying that. Yep corporations have agendas and spend a ton of money trying to get it done, no denying that.

You are to immature to except that it isn't just the republicans. Of course admitting that the democrats having billionaires and millionaires too would pretty much ruin your only argument.

I'm sorry cheese that you are too immature, too emotionally and psychological inept to realize you're out classed before you even start typing.

I'm sure whiz and frog will try to help you. They will fail but their jibes will be good I'm sure.

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Sep-13-13 3:23 PM

The only 'balanced' views that seem to have "integrity" with repucklikins, the rich, their corporations, is money; plenty of money for me, myself, my bank accounts overseas, and the heck with everyone else, let everyone pay taxes, I've spent enought buying elections, legislaters, and legislation, for that, I need special privilege, I provide JOBS, not hear but to foreigners or illegal aliens ...

so much for the braverock gauchee mentality.

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Sep-13-13 3:19 PM

You are a young person,

immature, lacking real world experience and maturation,

for that is what little real world experience has allowed you the intellectual capacity to interpret, comprehend,

and for which you are not emotionally, psychologically or intellectually adequately equipped to relate.

As you add to your catalog of life’s experiences, you will find that these will further allow you the possibility to see things on a broader, rather than the limited, narrow tunnel vision you have available at your disposal presently.

Keep on trying, once you experience a broader spectrum of life’s experiences, we should talk again, but my years are finite, and I can’t wait quite infinitely long enough for you to

“get smart”.

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Sep-13-13 3:11 PM

So only teachers have enough wisdom to comment here? There are a lot of comments regarding financial and political issues from Cheesy and Whiz. Have you managed investments, worked in the banking or finance industries, etc? Or do you have degrees in political science, or economics? The fact is, as citizens, taxpayers, and voters, we all, including you, have the right to comment on any and all issues that involve how our tax dollars are spent. The fact that some of us have taken the time to research and become educated on some specific issues simply means, at least in my case, that these are issues that I feel particularly concerned about, and/or they are issues which have directly affected me or my family. When I see misinformation being repeatedly presented, or the simplistic "it's all the fault of the rich, the republicans, the corporations" answer to any issue, I cannot resist the urge to try to present a more balanced viewpoint, with facts to support my argument.

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Sep-13-13 2:57 PM

Many things that occurred in Wall Street were reckless and reprehensible, many where not illegal at the time as you claim.

Your argument against strong banks is directly contradictory to what makes a secure banking system. Banks need more assets and reserves to comply with new federal regulations.

Now, you are correct that no bank or business should be considered too big to fail.

Again though republicans only? Take off your blinders and you would make a pretty sane case for you cause. The bailout of banks held wide support from both parties politically. The bailouts of banks and auto-companies held very little support from the conservative general public. Ironically, the bail out of auto-companies held very strong support from the liberal democratic base.

I don't argue your numbers cheese just you interpretation which is lacking and full if progressive BS.

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Sep-13-13 2:19 PM

Now let me.

If one must be a teacher to be qualified to judge the product and quality of our education HOW can you be qualified to judge the product and quality of our health care system if you are not employed in it? Are you a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, x-ray tech, radiologist?

By your premise and thought path our health care system is only as good as the "product" or "unit of input" put into it. Therefore outcome in a health care situation is the fault of the patient and not the system. Therefore it follows, that the system doesn't need to be fixed or overhauled because there's really nothing that can be done as it has no control of it's "unit of input" which is flawed.

Kind of stinks when your logic is thrown in your face doesn't it? Yet that is your logic in a nut shell.

It's also cool how we can see your true colors whiz. All are inferior! Who's the elitist here?

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Sep-13-13 2:09 PM

Whiz, it's ironic that you tell me to answer any questions when you don't oblige when one is asked of you.

I have never taught for I am not a teacher.

What qualifies me to make any judgment. First, I attended many years of school, so say experience. Second I have children in schools now so probably have more recent experience than any of you currently blowing smoke. Third, I have experience working with the public and know exactly what to expect from the general public.

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Sep-13-13 9:49 AM





FIVE years ago this month

– as a result of the greed,

recklessness and

illegal behavior by WALL STREET ...

– Middle-class America was plunged into the worst recession EVER,

even greather than the Great Depression in dollars.

But, over middle-class opposition, congress

(those people the rich,

the republicans and their corporations put in those seats)

voted to bail out the LARGEST financial institutions in the United States.

In addition, the Federal Reserve provided more than

$16 TRILLION in virtually


loans to financial institutions and corporations owned for the most part by the rich, mostly republicans,

in the United States and around the world,

according to a GAO audit.

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Sep-13-13 9:45 AM


is the fact that:

FIVE out of the SIX

of the LARGEST


are even


than they were five years ago,


They now have


in assets,

or nearly

58 percent of GDP.

It’s time for middle class America

to call for the break up of the BIG BANKS and


It’s time for middle class America to insist that

Dodd-Frank be


to help put an




raising the wealth of the rich,

the republicans and

their many SECRETIVELY





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Sep-13-13 8:01 AM


Answer the man's question:

How many years have you stood before a classroom full of public school students?

Have you ever taught at all?

What then, makes you qualified to judge the 'quality' of the 'product' input,

that people procreate and present to a public school education system for education?

"Product" or Unit of input, quality of product for input,

has everything to do with output.

Inferior genes, inferior parenting, inferior, inferior, the list is endless and you claim,

has nothing to do with the final product output or outcome?

Clearly, you have nothing worth adding, as usual, and are just baiting the rest of us here,

so you can read your rants and the fools' responses.

Answer the man's question:

How many years have you taught in a public school,


have you taught, anywhere, at all?

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Sep-13-13 1:20 AM

Frog you shouldn't sound so proud for "flunking and recycling children". Your job was teach them.

You sound so proud of the time when children and parents could be held accountable yet you preach how the rich, corporations and republicans are to blame for every problem or condition people find themselves in. You now hold no-one accountable for their own life.

Do you imply to be multi-talented you have to be a teacher? Narrow minded and completely wrong.

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Sep-12-13 9:04 PM



I think not…

I’ve bit the bullet,

accepted the challenge,

taught, passed,

flunked and recycled more children in a lifetime of teaching, lasting longer than your biological age,

at a time when it was socially and politically acceptable to hold children and their parents accountable.

The whiners, complainers, and the cry-baby’s of today eventually wear-done common sense,

have their way, and

their offspring, consequently,

learn nothing, and live a lifestyle unsuitable for most things

where accountability counts and dependability matters...

now, then what rimes with ribit?


.... idiot.

BTW, since you profess to be endowed with many talents, but so far haven’t claimed yourself to be omnipotent….

how many years have you actually been a classroom teacher?

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Sep-12-13 5:59 PM

Frog, since you want to keep it personal:

The fact that one as blinded by dogma as you has taught or is teaching anybodies children is tragic.

Give all teachers a break and keep silent, lesser people might think all teachers are like you.

Any teacher who can't make an intelligent contribution to a topic but prefers to name call and degrade another of opposite opinion does not belong in a classroom of any level.

The inability to accept statistical numbers, cited I might add, leads me to believe you have no critical thinking abilities of your own and are just a talking mouth repeating things you've heard others say.

Your inability to handle dissenting points of views without attempting to belittle people begs your ability to objectively educate anyone of any age.

I was amused by you before, now I just pity you and your students.

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Sep-12-13 5:00 PM

back in the day when I was teaching in a one-room school house, we called the intellectually challenged dunces...

but, modern times call for more politically expedient words,

some of which defy any ability to convey a truthful sense of definition...

not wanting to be as politically incorrect,

(heaven knows, politicians are usually incorrect, but we should keep calling them truthful names, like liars)

i chose the name bozo, and like it or not,

if you were in my classroom today, i'd let you know how, exactly you fit the profile.

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Sep-12-13 4:17 PM

Frog, I think I hear your mommy calling you.

Cheese, FINALLY, something intelligent not personal!

Remember I didn't once say that the republicans didn't get any money from the rich or corporations. In fact the stats I put up flat out prove they do. I believe I even mentioned that contributions from some sectors swung towards republicans in the last election.

My whole point was your statement:

" is that by following the money trail, it leads everyone but you, to the doors of the rich, the corporations, and of course the majority of them, just coincidently happen to be republicans."

is flat out false.

My statment, which I'm sure you disagreed with (because I said it):

"My only question is why do you put all blame on the republican party? Sure they have their hands in the cookie jar but just as much as any democrat."

shows you exactly what I believe about political spending. Each side has their rich, their corporations pushing their agenda.

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Sep-12-13 3:12 PM

Stick this piece from Open Secrets

in your delirium smoked head.

Much of the funding for some of the largest

conservative dark money groups

in 2012 came from a previously

little-known group that was started by and is to some degree bankrolled

by the billionaire

Koch brothers, according to a story

on Politico's website today.

Freedom Partners, a 501(c)(6) business partnership,

made grants totaling $236 million since it was founded in



Almost half of that

-- $115 million

-- went to the Center to Protect Patient Rights,

a group that has NO activities of its own,

other than giving grants to other

politically active

tax-exempt organizations.

That's more than CPPR's budget in

all years combined since it was established in 2009.

It's run by Sean Noble,

a political consultant and

Koch operative.

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Sep-12-13 3:10 PM

CPPR has given grants to some of the same groups that,

according to Politico,

Freedom Partners gave funds to last year, such as the conservative

seniors' group 60 Plus Association,

which also has Koch connections.

CPPR gave 60 Plus $14 million over three years.

Freedom Partners sent $15.7 million to 60 Plus in 2012 alone.

And 60 Plus -- which has also received donations from the American Petroleum Institute,

the Karl Rove-affiliated Crossroads GPS,

and another Koch-connected group that does nothing but give out grants, TC4 Trust

-- reported spending more than $4.6 million in the 2012 federal elections,

much of it to support GOP

presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

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Sep-12-13 3:08 PM

CPPR has not yet filed its tax forms covering 2012 with the IRS,

so it's not yet known what groups it provided funds to last year

-- or how much of its total revenue was covered by the $115 million from Freedom Partners.

Until now, CPPR and TC4 Trust -- which were both uncovered last year

by OpenSecrets Blog

-- were believed to be the main "shadow money mailboxes"

(having no activities of their own other than giving grants) on the right.

As of last year, Freedom Partners, the only significant group in the network that is not a 501(c)(4), has taken the lead.

But the fact that it's heavily funding CPPR means that the latter group continues playing a major role in the network

-- with an additional curtain of secrecy hiding its donors.

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Sep-12-13 3:00 PM

Vauchee = Gauchee = Bravesrock = bozo's...

try and dispute those statistics, just let them try to refute the non-sense they put in print.

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Sep-11-13 1:59 PM

Oh, there's more too.

Individuals 2009-2010

1) Business : Total - $987,309,704, D - $499,112,250, R - $474,319,062, Split - 51%(D)/ 49%(R)

2) Labor : Total - $558,745, D - $517,205, R - $36,840, Split - 93%(D)/ 7%(R)

3) Ideological: Total - $16,880,757, D - $10,721,199, R - $5,739,435, Split - 65%(D)/ 35%(R)

4) Other : Total - $224,694,561, D - $115,181,669, R - $106,530,841, Split - 52%(D)/ 48%(R)

Yet again, not showing what you are claiming Cheese. Please, explain the discrepancy. Or is asking you to refute this too much and me not connecting dots?

All numbers from Center for Responsive Politics

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Sep-11-13 1:42 PM

These things translate like garbage on here. However for Cheese I will continue to tear your opinon down.

How about PAC money for 2009-2010

1) Business : Total - $310,250,315, D - $152,792,384, R -$155,590,603, Split - 50%(D)/ 50%(R)

2)Labor : Total - $69,707,250, D - $64,891,028, R - $4,576,172, Split -93%(D)/ 7%(R)

3)Ideological : Total - $70,263,984, D - $35,451,655, R - $34,303,687, Split - 51%(D)/ 49%(R)

4) Other : Total - $1,563,861, D - $1,040,261, R - $520,100, Split - 67%(D)/ 33%(R)

Again, not fitting your bias Cheese.

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Sep-11-13 1:32 PM

So let's give the readers some more facts or the whole picture so we need not just have to trust master Cheese.

All Contributions (2009-2010) 1)Business Total- $1,358,140,207 D - $654,567,824 R - $632,149,651 Split - 51%(D)/ 49% (R)

2)Labor Total - $86,138,166 D - $65,714,733 R - $4,613,012 Split - 93%(D)/ 7%(R)

3) Ideological (no clarification) Total - $97,717,987 D - $46,190,854 R - $40,048,122 Split - 54%(D)/ 46%(R)

4) Other (No clarification who) Total -$231,097,775 D - $116,437,666 R - $107,245,941 Split - 52%(D)/ 48%(R)

Hmmm, interesting when you look beyond your bias. Well on face your numbers are close, breaking them down shows who can't or doesn't want to connect the dots. They just don't fit your premise Cheese.

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Sep-11-13 1:18 PM

No Cheese, facts and figures were not put up in other posts. Opinions and suppositions based on your and others bias was put up in other "rants".

I put up numbers, refute them if you can.

I keep repeating myself because you have yet to answer intelligently on the topic. I am not the topic and if I am so stupid it should not be hard to refute the facts and figures I put forth.

As for you numbers in your second post, what of them? You fail to mention how the money was divided but of course that is irrelavant isn't it.

I should just take your word that all $800M went to republican candidates, is that it?

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