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Article didn’t show all of Escanaba

June 26, 2013

A story in Tuesday’s Detroit News about Escanaba and our upcoming sesquicentennial celebration left us a bit perplexe....

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Jul-02-13 10:00 AM

Hey man, there are nice areas in the Detroit metro area, just like Escanaba has some nice areas. I've met people from Detroit & there are alot of scum bags, but Escanaba also has alot of scum bags. Really when it comes down to it, as long as they don't have anything bad to say about the Packers, I can get along with them.

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Jul-01-13 11:42 AM

It was in the Detroit News. Not certain if the writer is from Detroit, but.. The biggest sewer in the State of Michigan, heck one of the crappiest Cities in the country is Detroit. You can take Detroit and flush it, the Red Wings, Lions, Pistons, Tigers and all it's residents right down the toilet.

Detroit is a stain on the beauty of Michigan. Escanaba may not be perfect, but Detroit stinks. I have been to Chicago, San Diego, LA, Nashville, Louisville, Orlando, Miami, Atlanta, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Columbus and many other cities and by far the most rude people, the dirtiest looking city and the most annoying people were in Detroit.

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Jun-30-13 8:41 AM


"see what i mean"?


most everyone, with .5 of an iota of intelligence doesn't "see what you mean" !

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Jun-28-13 1:46 PM

See what I mean.

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Jun-27-13 6:29 PM


THE ‘journalist’ who trashed the Upper Peninsula and Escanaba,

has his rose-colored glasses on when it comes to journalizing his 'expedition' to the land of nothing but trees,

and his loss of memory regarding the city of Detroit, wayne county, and all of the next bigger cities, such as flint, saginaw, muskegon, lansing, etc., etc.

Most of the papers in these cities have much to report in the way of murder, rapes, robberies and governmental crimes every day of the year.

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Jun-27-13 6:26 PM

He could have compared and contrasted just a couple of differences like these with the U.P.

Such as,

nearly every governmental unit in the U.P. hasn’t had to receive a continual taxpayer funded ‘bailout’,

and many like detroit and wayne county have received taxpayer bailouts for far too long.

Perhaps the adage,

‘too big to fail’ should have been forgotten long ago,

and let these lower Michigan trolls keep their in the frying pan, until they failed.

Once more, THE ‘journalist’ failed to see the trees for the woods for the forest…

He should have looked in his own dirty back yard first,

for a point of reference and comparison,

of course, lower michigan people have had to live with their crime for so long,

and have become immune to reading continuing reportage of the same old criminal activities.

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Jun-26-13 3:00 PM

All the comments on the site regarding the article are ridiculous. It's as if the article is********on the graves of mothers of residents of Escanaba. I mean really the article is almost over 50% driven by statements made of residents in Escanaba and everything the writer wrote IS true. All the comments reflect how childish and immature the residents of Escanaba are when someone says their town isn't exactly up to snuff. Who really cares? Is that really something to throw a fit about?

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Jun-26-13 2:21 PM

I think the alleged "journalist/writer" of this article drew the short straw to see who in his journalist pool got stuck with this assignment. But, given the 200+ comments online regarding the article, it's negativity may have a reverse effect and put Escanaba in a much better light when visited by those who just don't believe it's that bad! And, for people who don't want to see the good things of this town, let them continue to stay away. They can have S.E. Michigan and all its problems all to themselves!!

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Jun-26-13 12:05 PM

A very nice editorial, However, we seem to be expecting people from distance to see Escanaba and all we are the way we see ourselves. When we don't advertise our goodness or direct visitors in the direction of all we have to offer, this is the results. And now we moan about someone else's view of our beautiful city. Did those interviewed offer to take the author on a tour? Did they point the author to those who have time to answer any questions? Did he get a fair list of what's to come during the birthday celebration? Are we only concerned about such comments because someone printed it in a BIGGER city paper? You know, if a author traveled all the way from Detroit and experienced Escanaba this way.. imagine what a visitor who's never been here might think.

We've really done it to ourselves - that super highway (Lincoln) shoots a visitor through the city with little reason to stop. Even the birthday sign is at the 'end' of a 2 mile business street..

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