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Is fish farming the future?

May 7, 2013

ESCANABA — Is fish farming in the future for the Upper Peninsula? Development of fish farms in the Central U.P. is being discussed by interested parties seeking funding for feasibility studies....

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May-09-13 5:15 PM

I only opened a comment account here because it seemed like fun to stir the pot and get ed into a twist. Not disappointed.

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May-09-13 1:18 PM



doesn't rime with comma and coma.

as far as hiphens, you can put them anywhere you please, even in your pocket .. .. ..


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May-09-13 12:59 PM

Both you ladies missed the chance to call me on 'hyphen' - I used, incorrectly, on purpose to give you something to cackle about.. you missed the chance.. called it a 'comma'.. durrr!.. Oh well.. dumb is as dumb says eh?

This is a hyphen--> --- --- -- - -

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May-09-13 12:52 PM

it's not a 'comma', it's an apostrophe... see how smart you are?... about as smart as your boyfriend there. Comma is this --> ,,,,,,,,,, Apostrophe is this-->> '''

You girls are so dog gone funny!.. I log in here just for a morning laugh!..

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May-08-13 8:01 PM


Try this, instead,

for Extacie, exctacy, Extasy, Extasie, Ectasy, Ectasie,

and well (we’ll) see how he cope’s:

“Youse boiszzze”

All this over a comma, and he’ll sure to be in a coma

I shure hope he doesn’t have a fit from a lost period (.).

Come, to think of it weren’t youse boizze talking about your boy toy’s?

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May-08-13 1:49 PM

Cheesehead, you 'boy's' speaks as there's something that belongs to 'us'.. as in Boy's Toys.. but when you are speaking to several boys it would simply be 'boys' without the hyphen

You are excused for lack of intelligence, wit, or humor in this conversation.. Oh wait.. LOL! LOL!.. there that makes it a joke..

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May-08-13 1:45 PM

Dear Ball Watcher at large, I am neither blind, nor stupid.. in fact, I'm smart enough to know that 'incase' is a variant spelling of 'encase' and means "enclose in or as if in a case"... I'm sure you meant, "in case" two separate words.. Oh, and your use of 'your' was actually not as if it were 'mine'.. but pointing to me and saying "you are".. which would be conjunction, written like this, "you're stupid" - but hey!.. you're so dog gone smart, there's no telling how to write eh?.. just remember this Mister Ball Watcher, when you point a finger and someone, at least three of your own fingers are pointing right back at you!.. Oh, wait.. LOL.. LOL.. you aren't the only one who can 'crack jokes'.. Remember, no window peepin.. ;)

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May-08-13 1:35 PM

Estacey, incase your blind or just too stupid to notice, it was your buddy mike davis who first commented on your "genitals". I was merely cracking a joke at how lame it was LOL :).

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May-08-13 10:42 AM

The only thing you boy’s have in common with fishing and farming,

is the bait you use for fishing, and the fertilizer you spread for farming…

Both of which are useless for farming or trolling,

and both highly overrated in your imagination and estimation.

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May-08-13 8:34 AM

Thank you for the compliment on my genitals Mike - I now better understand why so many of you use fake names and personally attack me - Being a Ball Watcher in public must be awful embarassing, yeah.. I'd hide my name too. I'm glad folks like that do too, how awkward to make reference to another man's genitals in an attempt at humorous remarks.. I suppose your folks always taught you to 'keep your eyes on the balls' eh?.. Have a happy day.. and quit window peepin.. you'll live longer.

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May-07-13 5:10 PM

WOW you use your real name on a newspaper comment section, what balls you must have LOL.

Fish farming? meh, well see how it goes.

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May-07-13 4:38 PM

EStacey, I think you and I are the only two people who comment here that have the balls to use our real names. But with the stupidly outrageous some post, I can see why they want to remain anonymous.

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May-07-13 3:34 PM

I can speak for ESTACEY cause that would be me. Never heard of an estacy, or how Beowulf, "commonly cited as one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature." has to do with me.. oh, wait!.. I remember it's a name I used to log onto Bulletin Boards well over 20 years ago.. yeah, that might be how you mistake me for.. Beowulf fought without weapons - a better name to use than running around using a fake name and trying to convince people that "You are 'smarter' than them".. Again, both names you used should be Capitalized, but you knew that right.. beings as how you're 'Smarter' - Let me ask you something.. did you write that stuff down or just pull it out of your *** - I've been stalked before.. please continue.. Meanwhile.. Fish Farming is a GREAT idea! - Jobs, you bet.. Cost of Fish, dropping lower, right on!.. State funded?.. Naw! - Make it a Private, Commercial enterprise, otherwise.. it'll just be another thing FUNDED by TAX dollars.

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May-07-13 2:38 PM

Stumpf is gettin just as bad.

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May-07-13 1:47 PM

Allow me to step in for beowulf, I mean estacy: "Blah blah blah, minimum wage jobs, negative negative, there's no point in doing anything." I think that should sum it up. No need to post on this one ed.

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May-07-13 1:00 PM

Good idea, but watch out for the Schwartz clan!

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