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Michigan a right-to-work state

Gov. Snyder signs bills

December 12, 2012

LANSING (AP) — In a dizzyingly short time span, Republicans have converted Michigan from a seemingly impregnable fortress of organized labor into a right-to-work state, leaving outgunned Democrats......

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Jan-02-13 10:51 PM

Charlie Brown (aka brave cluck),

Your five minute self-tutelage on the American Legislative Exchange Council,

is hardly worth the time spent to answer you tilted, short-sighted understatement.

Your brief blow-off, simplistic statement and casual mention of a michael moore’s comparative left-wing sense of our democracy, t,hat you would allow yourself into believing is your delusion and aberration.

The American Legislative Exchange is a powerful force, and exerts an untold and profound impact on all wage-earning citizens in this country as well as with every person in this country due to its committment to disavow certain environmental and workplace protections.

In a few short month’s, this organization has been able to impact our standard of living, public contracts, and has implemented a host of other legislation that covers our air, water, and our soil, to mitigate safety in the work place, and the safety of our air, water and soils.

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Jan-02-13 10:46 PM

I am neither

a republican, or democrat,

rightist or leftist,

liberal or conservative,

but governments that fail their constituents in the guise of greed is disgusting and should not be allowed to perpetuate its existence year after year after year at the expense of citizens who are NOT the servants of its government,

but rather the opposite should be held to be the case.

When money and greed,

plutocracy and oligarchy

and a plan like the electoral college,

along with gerrymandering

allow the aristocrats, the rich, and the corporation to virtually run the country,

something stinks,

and if you count yourself in that crowd salute those ideals,

use deodorant and bathe frequently.

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Jan-02-13 10:41 PM

As you profess,

“but I'm not losing a minute's sleep over their positions on the issues.”,

clearly indicates your ignorance as to the significance and import that many people with greater intelligence than you or I, are placing on the impact of this organization and their influence over our democratic voting, campaign, financing and election processes, along with a broken two party system.

I would guess, that until you have run into the mention of this organization in these spaces you have blissfully, and ignorantly busied your life with the mundane, and seek to blow smoke at anyone with a sense that does not coincide with your smoke and mirrors.

As I mentioned, you still do not have the intelligence to carry on a sophomoric discussion on the American Legislative Exchange Council or for that matter, at any level.

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Jan-02-13 4:57 PM

What I have researched about ALEC leads me to conclude that they're a little too far to the extreme right for me. but I'm not losing a minute's sleep over their positions on the issues. I'm certainly more in agreement with their beliefs that I am with the Michael Moores of the world, out on the lefty fringe. And let's remember that capitalism is also one of the things that made this country great. The liberal wingnuts seem to forget that, and think that redistribution of wealth is somehow going to fix everything.

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Jan-02-13 3:40 PM

brave cluck,

(not to be confused with the other kind of cluck - no pun intended about rhyme either)

The AP article start's out…

“In a dizzyingly short time span, Republicans ….”

Now, you say, why on earth would even the AP begin to be “amazed“, and use words such as dizzyingly, outgunned, shake fists, retribution, swiftly , furious, protestors, roared in vain...

“After doing research and reading all the facts on right-to-work,

McBroom said he felt compelled to vote 'no' on the issue.”

Even our own, “Sen. Tom Casperson (R-Escanaba), who also voted against the right-to-work legislation…”

Bravecluck, wouldn’t even YOU, think ( no, that is too suggestive that it is even possible) that something is amiss?

Statistics? Statistics, are numbers contrived to make fakers and liars look good, even you should know...


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Jan-02-13 3:38 PM


Exactly, what do you know,

if anything about,

The American Legislative Exchange Council, (ALEC)?

How much time have you spent researching this covert, nearly undercover organization, cultivated from the ground up to do a end-run around the one-vote, one-person idea of the democratic process?

I’ll bet not one minute, if that.

The reason I stated that, is because if you knew anything… about this organization,

you wouldn’t be as quick to criticize me or my position.

So, before you waste your feeble breathe any further,

come forth and spew a few words of intelligence in this space about what you have learned about ALEC.

Once you can speak intelligently about this organization,

its priorities, its danger to democracy, and the one-person, one-vote democratic process,

maybe you will have reached a degree where we might be able to conduct a reasonable intellectual debate...

Certainly, I’ve given you some clues ?

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