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Response to bridge letter

January 7, 2016 EDITOR: This is in response to the Bill Finlan letter dated Dec. 26. Since many of his letters are about me, I am always amused by his lack of fact. more »»


December 28, 2015 EDITOR: I have the pleasure of owning and operating a few small businesses in the city of Escanaba. more »»

A Bernie New Year

December 26, 2015 EDITOR: Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat; he is not controlled by anyone, he is independent. more »»

Highway bridge removal project

December 26, 2015 EDITOR: Canadian National Railroad (CNN) hired Lunda Construction of Wisconsin to remove the black trusses atop the black railroad bridge and update under-bearing support. more »»

Educate yourself about wolves

December 23, 2015 EDITOR: The front page article” Scientists: Don’t remove wolf protections” on Nov. more »»

A soldier’s story

December 23, 2015 EDITOR: Had Bobby or I sat up, the enemy machine gun bullets would have stitched across our backs. We had rolled over and they passed close, but harmlessly overhead. So began another firefight, 1 a.m. more »»

U.P. power company rate structure

December 22, 2015 EDITOR: I am bewildered with my monthly U.P. power bill showing all the allocation charges to customers in the Upper Peninsula. more »»

Is it Christmas again, already, so soon?

December 19, 2015 EDITOR: Last summer I met a boy who was selling newspapers. He was wearing a big button that read “Merry Christmas.” I asked why in the middle of July he was wearing that button. more »»

Music and America

December 15, 2015 EDITOR: How fortunate that we live in such a musical community. more »»

Unfair paper industry trade practices

December 11, 2015 EDITOR: The U.S. Business and Industry Council reports the current U.S. federal trade deficit at about $388,000,000,000. more »»

What is Obama doing?

December 11, 2015 EDITOR: Is Obama distracted, confused, or following a hidden agenda? In his Sunday night address, Obama stated, “It is the responsibility of Americans of any faith to reject discrimination of any... more »»

Mental illness and guns

December 7, 2015 EDITOR: On Dec. 3, 2015, CBS This Morning interviewed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in regards to the horrific shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. more »»

Stolen property returned

December 2, 2015 EDITOR: At the beginning of deer season, I called out the person who stole pumpkins, apples and the containers that were on my neighbor’s lawn and taken without permission. more »»

Weighing in on climate change

December 1, 2015 EDITOR: Brrrrr, it sure is hot out! I would like to weigh in on the whole “climate change” controversy. M. more »»

Make sure tires are ready for winter

December 1, 2015 EDITOR: During the winter months ahead, we can expect to face icy temperatures and slippery roadway surfaces. more »»

The public’s welfare and wind turbines

November 25, 2015 EDITOR: With all the talk about the farmers on the Garden Peninsula needing to mend their “wicked ways” and accepting a few “pieces of silver” at the expense of everyone else, I have to speak up,... more »»

‘Trolls’ sad to be leaving U.P.

November 25, 2015 EDITOR: Until earlier this year, we were happy and proud to call ourselves part-time “Yooper. more »»

Where’s the U.P.?

November 25, 2015 EDITOR: I just received the Christmas catalog from Bed Bath and Beyond. On page 11, there are images of “State Slate Cheese Boards” including Texas, Michigan, and Ohio. more »»

Terrorism could happen here

November 23, 2015 EDITOR: Tragedy in Pari. more »»

Everyone has to support our communities

November 23, 2015 EDITOR: At the heart of our Christian faith is the belief that our relationship with God should be a mirror for the way we live in community with one another. more »»



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