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Comment on verdict

July 23, 2013 EDITOR: In Florida you can’t go wrong by stalking and assaulting someone. If your victim overpowers you, you can claim to be the victim. more »»

Response to wolf letter

July 23, 2013 EDITOR: I would like to respond to Mr Demboski’s letter on wolves. First, the wolves got along very nicely before mankind appeared on the scene. more »»

Scout Troop impressed by Escanaba

July 23, 2013 EDITOR: It was a distinct honor and privilege for Jacksonville, N.C., Boy Scout Troop 370 to march in your parade in celebration of Escanaba’s Sesquicentennial. Thank you Escanaba and Kay Johnson. more »»

Be on lookout for stolen bikes

July 23, 2013 EDITOR: My name is April Smith and I’m writing this letter in hope that someone might see it and make a change. more »»

Objective look needed

July 10, 2013 EDITOR: The irony of a Detroit News reporter, (in a lengthy front page article on June 25, 2013) describing (and demeaning) our beloved Escanaba, as a seedy, depressed, dying little town is both... more »»

No peace and quiet

July 9, 2013 EDITOR: It’s close to 1 a.m.. on the 5th of Jul. more »»

Obamacare question

July 6, 2013 EDITOR: I just have a question, does anyone (knowledgeable please) know how this “Obamacare” is going affect me ($13,000 per year income)? I am nervous as to how I am going afford insurance when I... more »»

Sweet Home Escanaba

July 3, 2013 EDITOR: After reading the recent Detroit News article about Escanaba, I was inspired to pen the lyrics to a song, which can be sung to the tune of Lynard Skynard’s “Sweet Home Alabama. more »»

Morning-after pill opposition

July 3, 2013 EDITOR: This letter was written to President Obama. Dear Mr. President, In a publication issued by Concerned Women for America, it says: “The U.. more »»

Snowden is a traitor

July 3, 2013 EDITOR: “Loose Lips Sink Ships.” That was what everyone learned and understood about giving our enemy information that would harm our World War II efforts. more »»

Writer made baseless claims about Escanaba

July 1, 2013 EDITOR: After reading the recent article printed in The Detroit News, “Town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Celebrates Birthday, Harkens Back to Better Times,” I believe the writer made some quick,... more »»

Issues with Congressman Benishek

June 26, 2013 EDITOR: What happened to Dan Benishek? Back in 2010, I bought the whole package... “Enough is enough” and all that. more »»

Exchange student loved experience

June 20, 2013 EDITOR: My name is Zubenelyamaly, but people call me “Yamaly.” I’m from Mexico City and I go to Escanaba High School and my host mom is Lorrayne Krans. more »»

Exchange student thankful to host parents

June 20, 2013 EDITOR: My name is Emma. I have spent a year in Gladstone attending Gladstone High School. I left my home country Sweden in August last year to experience the life as an American for a year. more »»

Opposition to license increases

June 19, 2013 EDITOR: The new license proposal is bad for conservation and sportsman. Base license is code for forced purchase of a small game license, rather you hunt small game or no. more »»

Legalize marijuana

June 19, 2013 EDITOR: Drug problems on the rise in the U.P. (June 15-16) Ron Koski blames much of it on legalization of medical marijuana. I believe marijuana should be decriminalized and made legal for everyone. more »»

Opposition to trail, power line

June 17, 2013 EDITOR: The Upper Peninsula is a beautiful place to live. It is a great blessing to be able to own a home in such a place. more »»

Theft from cemetery

June 17, 2013 EDITOR: On Tuesday I went out to the cemetery to water our plants. As I drove up I noticed my large planter was gone. more »»

Michigan schools are underfunded

June 10, 2013 EDITOR: This letter was sent to Governor Rick Snyder, Senator Tom Casperson and Representative Ed McBroom. Dear sirs, You are underfunding Michigan schools. more »»

USA becoming known as ‘GAL’

June 10, 2013 EDITOR: This letter was written to President Obama, Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, and Representative Dan Benishek. Good morning to my elected officials in Washington, D.. more »»



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