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What is Newspapers In Education?

It is a cooperative effort between schools, newspapers, businesses and organizations to promote the use of newspapers as a teaching tool in the classroom.  A newspaper in the classroom keeps students informed, motivates them to read and makes reading interesting.  The Daily Press has been providing classrooms with free copies of the newspaper since 1992.  The Daily Press, on average, supplies over 130 teachers in our readership area  with over 5000 copies of the newspaper each week of the school year.  That is over 165,000 newspapers a year to teachers in Delta, North Menominee and Schoolcraft counties.

How NIE works:

The Daily Press pays for half the cost of the newspaper plus administration and delivery costs. Our Newspaper In Education (NIE) Sponsors provide the other half of the cost of the newspaper.  NIE Sponsors receive great benefits for being part of this literacy program.  Businesses and organizations who would like more information can contact the NIE Coordinator, Jan Dillon at

At the beginning of each school year teachers are sent enrollment forms for  the Newspaper In Education Literacy Program.  The teachers tell us how many copies of the Daily Press they would like and what days of the week they want the paper.  Free copies of the Daily Press are then delivered  to schools for teachers to use with their students as an educational resource in the classroom.  Teachers have wonderful ways to utilize the newspaper with their students.  

Some of the ways that teachers use the Daily Press in their classrooms:

  • ways to improve reading skills
  • information gathering skills
  • practice for MEAP testing
  • creative writing ideas
  • research material
  • local and state issues
  • oral reading
  • real life math
  • applied geography
  • topics for discussion
  • career information
  • word searches
  • grammar studies
  • life skills
  • and much more

What teachers have to say about the Newspaper In Education Program:

Teacher - Big Bay de Noc School
“NIE is a wonderful program.  My classes use the papers in a variety of ways.  Students research current events and community issues with the papers.  Students learn better writing structure by reading the variety of articles, and my art classes even use recycled papers for art projects.  Thank you NIE sponsors!”

Teacher - Gladstone High School
“The Daily Press is an exceptional tool to utilize in the classroom.  With so many features the newspaper can be used across grade levels and subjects.  Many thanks for making the Press available in our classrooms to help educate and prepare our young people for real life.”

Teacher - Bark River-Harris School

“I am not a textbook teacher.  My classes need to have current and up-to-date information and I can get that by using the newspaper.  I feel the students look forward to the opportunity to use other teaching methods in class besides a textbook.  While it might be considered a supplement, I can honestly say that I have grown to depend on it and find it very handy in class.  I am grateful for the opportunity to receive it and thank the sponsors for their support.”

Teacher - Manistique Middle School

“I use the newspaper in my 8th grade reading class.  We use it for everything from creative writing about a photo, to writing our own obituaries and editorials, to finding parts of speech in a particular article.  My students always look forward to newspaper activities.”

Other NIE Projects:

Serial Stories
Each winter we run a serial story, usually about 18 chapters long.  These are previously unpublished stories.  Many teachers request the Daily Press at this time to use the chapter stories with their students.  There are sponsors for each chapter and this money also benefits the NIE Program.

Design-An-Ad Contest
There are around 70 classrooms of 4th to 8th graders that take part in this fun contest.  Businesses sign-on to be a part of this project.  Each classroom draws an add for a different business.  The business chooses the design that best represents them.  The designs that are selected are then published in a special section of the Daily Press.  There are prizes provided by community businesses and fun for all involved.

Link to USA Weekend for Teacher’s Guides, monthly themes for the school year, NIE How-to Guide and much more.

If you are a teacher in our readership area
and would like the Daily Press to use in
your classroom contact the NIE Coordinator, Jan Dillon
phone: 906-786-2021 or 800-743-0609 ext. 117






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