The wealth gap and fair taxation


I recently read an article from Nino Green wherein he made the case for fair taxation on the very wealthy. His letter was rebutted by a couple of individuals who felt differently and Mr. Green revisited the matter in the March 31st edition of the Daily Press. First of all, I completely agree with Mr. Green’s position and his comments reminded me of a similar conversation I had with the CEO of a major paper company. The CEO was arguing his position on how we as a society should be grateful to the job creators, be thankful to have a job and stop pushing the notion of companies being taxed more than they are already. My response to him went something like this. We absolutely need job creators but what about the revenue creators? You know, the men and women that go to work every day and do their job so the job creators can make money off of their work. No job creator hires people just to be nice. Job creators hire people for the purpose of making money off of their labor. Working people pay taxes and it only makes sense that the very rich and their companies pay their fair share too.

Richard LaCosse



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