Over-reach in Michigan


Michigan is the only state in which flowers are banned for COVID-19. Normally, if a loved-one dies (of COVID-19, a heart attack, or a car-crash) we expect flowers at the funeral. That’s OK in 49 states, but not in Michigan.

The Governess has declared that funeral flowers are not “essential,” and Escanaba Public Safety is enforcing her ban here.

The issue should not be “essential” versus “not-essential,” decided arbitrarily. The issue should be “safe” versus “not safe,” with the application of some science.

I am hiding out at camp, because I am old, and I have heart disease. But I go into town every five days to get groceries. I can wander up and down the aisles looking for lettuce and canned beans, but I cannot look for tomato plant fertilizer, because that is “not-essential,” and those aisles are taped off. Obviously, shopping for tomato fertilizer is just as safe as shopping for canned beans.

The Governess, like many of her ilk, desires to extend her power as far as possible.

Ralph Blasier



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