Safety in the workplace


Labor Day, is a day that all Americans should honor all those that labor in the various places for goods and services to improve our way of life. Many have to work in places that no human being ever had to be at. Factories were a danger to themselves but to others around the them.

There was across America that these unsafe conditions must come to an end. Unions were formed to bring attention to Congress to take measures to insure work places abide be directives to protect their employees. It was a battle for safety committees to keep an employer on task to protect the workers.

If one reads corporate law you will find that cost for safety was not always a priority. If this was safety first there would of no need for rules in a workplace. We must always have a safety committee in a workplace spends more of it time on safety issues.

The thing that gets me the most is when a worker goes to the vote — too often they vote for those that are anti-labor and unions. Safety protects the person, but the family also that depends on the bread winner to return home safe each and ever day, God bless this day.

Robert B. Carson