Family of slain police informant agrees to $1M settlement

By ED WHITE Associated Press DETROIT — A Michigan county has agreed to pay $1.07 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of a woman who was killed and dismembered after a Detroit-area police officer exposed her as an informant in a drug bust. Details of the deal between Oakland County and Shelly Hilliard’s family were released Tuesday in response to a public records request by The Associated Press. The county said an insurance company is paying the settlement. One-third of it, or $355,000, will go to attorneys at the Goodman & Hurwitz firm. Hilliard, 19, quickly agreed to help police when she was caught with marijuana at a suburban Detroit motel in 2011. Her supplier was arrested within hours, but she was killed a few days later — her body burned and dismembered. During the arrest, Officer Chad Wolowiec, a member of a regional drug unit, gave enough details to the drug dealer’s companion to reveal that Hilliard had provided critical information. Attorneys asked him why during a deposition in the lawsuit. “I don’t know,” Wolowiec replied. The county was facing a trial or settlement after a federal appeals court last January refused to dismiss the case.