MSU rejects white nationalist

DETROIT (AP) — Michigan State University on Thursday denied a request by a group headed by white nationalist Richard Spencer to rent space on the campus for a September event, following rejections by other large schools.
The East Lansing school said in a statement the decision was made “due to significant concerns about public safety” and cited last weekend’s “tragic violence” in Charlottesville, Virginia.
“While we remain firm in our commitment to freedom of expression, our first obligation is to the safety and security of our students and our community,” the statement read.
The University of Florida on Wednesday also denied a request by Spencer’s National Policy Institute to rent space, as Texas A&M University had done.
Spencer told The Associated Press Thursday afternoon that Michigan State’s decision was “obvious censorship of me, for my views by a public institution.” He declined to discuss his legal plans, but his supporters said they planned to file a legal challenge after the University of Florida rejected the request.