Trapper workshop set for Saturday

HERMANSVILLE — The public is invited to the 12th Annual New Trappers Workshop Saturday at the Hermansville Community Center from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST. Admission is free and food and refreshments will be available throughout the day. There will be several demonstrations. Eugene Arduin and Bob Whitens will be sharing their tips, tactics and techniques on how to capture weasels (ermine), mink, muskrat and raccoon. These veteran trappers will be showing the legal, humane and safe methods of capture. They will have a Q&A session at the end of each demo. Newcomers will definitely benefit from taking in these demos.

After capture, the trapper must take care of the catch. For this part of the trapper’s fur harvesting process, Rich Clark (professional fur handler) of Willow Tree Furs will be doing a demo on proper skinning and stretching/drying of the pelts of various furbearers.

Between scheduled events, attendees can seek advice from long-time trappers, buy some equipment, pick out free trapping literature, sign up for formal Trappers Education, and join the U.P. Trappers Assn. or the National Trappers Assn. The fur identification station is always a popular item to check out as well.

All youngsters will receive a free weasel box and trap. Along with that, each will win a guaranteed door prize. There will be can raffles as well with some very neat prizes including but not limited to: a Crossman pellet/bb gun donated by Tim Kobasic of U.P. Trails and Tales Radio Show, a print of roosting turkeys by artist Greg Alexander donated by Bays de Noc Gobblers, 6 brand new 110 conibear traps donated by Keith Rockland, and a knife from Hess Knifeworks of Gladstone donated by Bob Steinmetz.

“This event has become really popular not only with the kids but the adults as well. I see many kids along with moms, dads and grandparents returning every year,” said Bill Pipp, a long-time member of U.P Trappers. “I believe that this workshop has generated interest in the sport of trapping for newcomers of all ages, including some ladies. It’s great that all can learn and ask questions in such a friendly, non- intimidating atmosphere.”

Roy Dahlgren (President of U.P. Trappers) also had high praise for the workshop. “It’s a great event! Big thanks to all the club members who put this on and to those individuals and businesses who donated prizes.” Dahlgren said.

“I also ask that all attendees, no matter what age, consider signing up to become a member of UP Trappers while at the workshop. We can really use some new (younger) members as most of our active members are getting up in age. It’s a good club with a good cause – please consider becoming a member and enjoy the workshop.”

This event is organized by U.P. Trappers of District 3. For further information visit or contact Mike Lewis at (906) 774-3592 or