Cavalieri wins road race

ESCANABA — Who said 62-year-old runners can’t win road races?

Apparently Rob Cavalieri wasn’t told that or he didn’t listen to them.

The Norway resident was Sunday’s pacesetter as he captured top honors in the 34th Annual Slip-Sliding-Away five-mile run in 33 minutes, five seconds.

He was followed by Gary Whitmer (34:00) and Mike Neeld (35:57), both of Gladstone.

“The wnd was tough,” said Cavalieri, who couldn’t run a year ago due to a pinched nerve in his back. “It was cold going into the wind and actually felt hot going with it. I like the course. It was easy to follow.”

Brittany and Jill Richard of Garden shared the women’s title at 38:53. Mindy Davenport of Escanaba placed third overall (40:18).

“It was pretty wet and windy, but it felt good,” said Jill.

“Brittany and I ran together and it was nice finishing together.”

Dick Jenkins of Escanaba was honored with a plaque in a pre-race ceremony following his induction into the Upper Peninsula Road Runners Hall of Fame.

A stiff breeze from the south coupled with temperatures in the mid 30s created some snow melt on the roads. The race drew 12 runners.

The summary:


Overall winner — Rob Cavalieri, Norway, 33:05

30-34 — Mike Neeld, Gladstone, 35:57; 50-54 — Steve Ostrenga, Escanaba, 38:10; 60-64 — Gary Whitmer, Gladstone, 34:00; 65-69 — Bill Sved, Marquette, 47:58; 70 & over — David Hunter, Cedar River, 61:03.


Overall winners — Brittany and Jill Richard, Garden, 38:53

35-39 — Mindy Davenport, Escanaba, 40:18; 50-59 — Barbara Trudeau, Marquette, 43:26.