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Are you making a New Year resolution for 2014?

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Dec-31-13 1:25 PM


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Jan-05-14 8:40 PM

There they are,

the people who voted to affirm the policies of the brothers,

citizens united,

the tee-party,

the heritage foundation and

countless other groups, whose sole

and soul purpose his to make the

rich's corporations

the equivalent of a human being, and

as wealth laden as never before in the history of this country and

perhaps the world’s economies.

The one difference,

most corporations have unlimited life,


a human being’s vote is limited to the life of that individual.

Corporations, therefore, will have the ability to control our country and its government


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Jan-05-14 8:42 PM

The conservative supreme court

with these guys voting for unlimited corporation spending for campaign finance

have reduced the word democracy to mean nothing:

John Roberts,

Anthony Kennedy

Samuel Alito,

Antonin Scalia

Clarence Thomas

And, now the rich and their republican party minions have taken to populating the nation's


with their hand-picked minions.

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Jan-05-14 8:45 PM

Art Pope

and his minions successfully captured both houses of North Carolina’s legislature, and

have also successfully rearmed republican effort to turn back the hands of time

both in terms of voting rights and

republican led initiatives of the

U.S. chamber of commerce,

the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC,

with the help of DARK MONEY from

david and charles bros.

The all-republican houses and governor’s seat in North Carolina,

marks the first time in that state’s over 100 year history where there has been republican control and domination in the south.

Every wage earning citizen should

make it their resolution to learn from the destruction of democracy in the State of North Carolina…

and should be totally committed to return OUR country back to democratic principles, principles long held to be the best form of government for its people.

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Jan-05-14 8:47 PM

Follow what the rich and

their elected republican minions have done to the state of North Carolina.

The rich and their elected puppets have successfully rigged voting districts to garner

17 of 19 positions

to their republican stable.

Follow what ART POPE,

a hugely wealthy republican spender,

an unsuccessful candidate for governor,

was able to accomplish with his unrestricted sums of money to

campaign for his and the republican party election seats.


successfully propelled his choice

for governor, Pat McCrory,

a proven campaign liar, into the governor’s chair as a republican.

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Jan-05-14 8:49 PM


wage earning class citizen,

working and non-working,

should make it


to be steadfastly RESOLVED





from being re-elected.

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Jan-06-14 9:35 AM

frogleggs Do you have a life other then this website?? I think you may want to seek some help for ocd !!

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Jan-06-14 10:13 AM

Real yooper,

Having read some of your ‘thought’s’ on various issues - you don’t have much to contribute that is of any significance.

Regardless of what you may think of froglegs, he/she has more information that is worth researching than anything you’ve posted.

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Jan-06-14 12:32 PM

It is just so sad that some people just do not have lives!! cheesebrain your another one who lives on this website filling it up with stupidity!! This must be the highlight of your day!! What do you do with the rest of your time??Watch cartoons!!

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Jan-06-14 1:25 PM


If it weren’t for your postings and comments,

I have to admit, I wouldn’t have much to do.

You have to admit, you provide enough fodder to keep me busy, and if you aren’t up to the task,

there are plenty of other boob.s like you to provider fodder for comment.

Here’s proof of you synapse lapse

“!!” “??” “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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Jan-06-14 1:33 PM


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Jan-06-14 1:38 PM



- if you have anything/something of consequence to contribute...

- keep in mind that there are plenty of us commenting, that are over the age of 60, and like myself, don't have much time for you to find a person who can think and write on your behalf.

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