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1134 days ago.
by Katie1

Buses at the EUE. Old Jr. High

I don't know if anyone is even aware but these kids, 4th thru 6th, get out of school at 3:30pm and some of them have to sit there and wait til after 4:00pm. They are made to wait outside, either on the playground or the area on the side of the school. I think this is absolutely crazy. I live on 2nd Ave North so my kids walk to and from school, and wouldn't have even known this but I had to go to the school to get something my son left behind and I started paying attention to the time the buses were coming. I thought that they had the elementary schools starting and ending at different times to avoid this. Obviously whatever they are doing is not working. These kids should not have to sit and wait that long. Some of them are only 9 years old.


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For one thing Whizzywhig, How do you know what generation I am from? You have no idea. And how would you know if I whimpered or Roared? You don't know me so don't presume you have any clue what I have done or have not done for the children in this town? I bought nothing, and how do you know where I is or isn't. Your generation(based on your grammar and your apathy) are part of a totally different forum. Maybe you should go back to school cuz yous can't spell boo. Maybe you'll understand if I put it that way. I posted this so people are aware. And guess what, The kids are not sitting at the school waiting that long for busses this year. What a concept. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. We know you smoke something by the way you speak(type). Thank you very much for your support!!!

Posted 1134 days ago.


People who do not make use of tools such as correct spelling, grammar, or even punctuation loose a lot of oomph in their comments/replies/rants. Also, general accusations and blame placed (thrown, spit, spewed -- take your pick) on a single person is not only stupid, but very rude.

Posted 1175 days ago.



you and your generation blissfully let the "board of education" and their 'management team'

dismantly neighborhoods schools,

without so-much as a whimper, wimper, whimperer !

You bought it,

You got it,

it is what is

because you isn't around to make sure it didn't happen.

Suck it up


take steps to change what was robbed from you by not demanding more of your school bord.

Posted 1230 days ago.

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