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867 days ago.
by frogleggs

Comments to "Letters to the Editor"

Contraception and candidates April 25 2012 Floyd, I to try to vote for the best candidate, but not at the cost of my religious beliefs. You say we should vote for the best candidates, then you go on about all forms of contraception and world population. Then you end with: "We must try to control this growth. Why not start now?" Would that be "you" taking some sort of birth control,or physician Assisted Suicide or You telling me how to vote? So should my best candidate be pro or anti-choice, gun, union, Green, gay marriage,immigration? All these and more a single issue voters, which I am one....


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Posted 867 days ago.


and, at the expense of your religious beliefs ?

what a crock !

muslim and islam has its religious beliefs,

look where it is getting them.

your 'religious beliefs' are too expensive to pay for by the rest of us.

Relgions, and the religious foment more carnage and warring than do most other fanatics!

Let your religions pay, not the rest of us taxpayers.

republicans, democrats, the rich, corporations and churches get away with not having the decency to pay for their longivity, and too much involvement with political process.

Posted 1231 days ago.


Obama *****, is that the point? i agree lol

Posted 1291 days ago.

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