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County and city politics

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Jeb Bush talks about his foreign bride

Posts: 0 - On Tuesday presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke about the first meeting between himself and his future foreign bride, Columba. " It was love at first sight.

800 days ago.
by verbalkint
Basic Marine

Posts: 2 - 200 feet of lakefront property going to Basic Marine. No way! We could use this city property for the good of the city folk. Not for Dan Kobasic and his cronies.

971 days ago.
by PoonyDizzle
New Parts store next to the newer parts store?

Posts: 5 - I would love to hear the true story behind this.. I am all for new Business in this town, but trying to sabotage hard working good people in this town I am not a fan of.

1137 days ago.
by Katie1
Buses at the EUE. Old Jr. High

Posts: 3 - I don't know if anyone is even aware but these kids, 4th thru 6th, get out of school at 3:30pm and some of them have to sit there and wait til after 4:00pm.

1720 days ago.
by MisterDizzle
3rd Avenue North & North 30th Street

Posts: 0 - The city should really look into putting a traffic light up at the intersection 3rd Avenue North and North 30th Street.

1757 days ago.
by EStacey
County board not "shopping locally".

Posts: 0 - I would like everyone in Delta County to know that when we are being asked to "Shop locally" during the holiday season, that our own county board dos'nt even abide by thi.


Posts: 0 - I have a few concerning city's ant-bussiness attitude of late?

2114 days ago.
by EStacey
Escanaba Downtown Development Authority

Posts: 0 - Question: When the DDA was formed, was there a provision that if there was no or insufficient development that the DDA would be disbanded and the tax revenue that was diverted from the city for...