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National politics

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DNC Email Hack

Posts: 0 - Hacking into other accounts is bad.

My deepest apologies

Posts: 0 - As an American i would like to apologize for my presidents actions over the last few years - actually 6 years - Letting more war criminals out of Guantanamo after their people just committed the...

1079 days ago.
by SteveNC
Why are people against Obamacare?

Posts: 4 - I really want to know why people are so against this. If you're against it, just explain why.

1524 days ago.
by Robinhood
Gays in Militiary

Posts: 0 - This box says no more than 1000 characters. I will try. NO

1575 days ago.
by SteveNC
Didn't Romney just flip-flop on the individual mandate for "Obamacare"?

Posts: 0 - I mean the guy clearly was in favor of it just a few years ago. Now he's saying the 1st thing he'll do when elected is repeal "Obamacare" because of the individual mandate.

1695 days ago.
by SteveNC
If the wealthiest Americans pay a lower percent of taxes than the middle class, can someone explain why we shouldn't raise their taxes?

Posts: 0 - Seriously, if Warren Buffett pays a smaller percentage of taxes on his wealth than me, we're doing something wrong.

1695 days ago.
by SteveNC
Republican field for President

Posts: 0 - Who do you like in the Republican field running for president? Who do you think will the Republicans pick?


Posts: 0 - The initiative taken for the concern is very serious and need an attention of every one.