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In denial of the true issues

December 29, 2012
Daily Press


Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012. Governor Snyder has vetoed Senate Bill 59 which would have allowed for properly licensed and trained Michigan concealed pistol license holders to carry firearms into what the state of Michigan currently calls "pistol free zones" more realistically described as "criminal friendly zones" or "soft targets." His reasoning is that the Legislature removed a provision which would allow an entity in control of a public facility to post signs effectively negating the law. I can only assume that his primary objection is based on an emotional, uninformed and non-fact based response to the tragedy in Connecticut citing the priority of the collective criminal friendly zones or soft targets safety over that of the individual.

Now I am confused. A short time ago the same governor signed a bill known as "Right to Work" claiming that the "individual's rights" were paramount which informed his decision to affirm the law with his signature. I think a fair question for the governor is which is it? The individual or the collective?

The reality is that legislation will not stop the terrible insane acts of a mentally deranged person.

It will only guarantee that law abiding good guys will not be armed. (The Aurora theatre shooter purposely sought out a theater that had "no concealed weapons" signs posted)

Homicide is illegal. Do you really think that if the failed assault weapons ban was in effect it would of stopped this? In fact Columbine occurred right in the middle of the ban which lasted 10 years and expired in 2004.

The real problem is that some in our society are in denial of the true issues. Mental health, respect for life and the lack of some sort of moral compass. Combine that with partisan politics and an agenda driven main stream media and this is what we end up with.

Matthew Gay




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