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A message from the voters

December 26, 2012
Daily Press


Five school districts across Delta County failed school levies and one passed by 100 votes. This is called a mandate against the levy and Board of Trustee Steve O'Driscoll could not be more wrong when saying too much information in a November election confused voters.

Nobody in Delta County was confused and these kinds of remarks are an insult to the voting public intelligence. The 18 mils are for operating expenses which are more than 80 percent wages; so out of the $1,000,000 being requested over $800,000 was going into the pockets of the school employees. Keep in mind all the school district's employees vote on their own wage increase along with all their families and all others on the operating levy feedbag - from your pocket to their pocket.

This means before the polls are open; the schools have thousands of votes for the levy and technically Rapid River levy failed. Over the years school employees have consistently had an entitlement greed attitude; that they deserve inflation proof wages regardless of the economy around them. Who is paying the taxpayers the next number of years to pay school district operating levies? Operating levies are not for the kids; and if it was school districts would separate the 80 percent wage levy as a stand alone levy. There should be three levies; Wages - Real Operating Cost - and Permanent Improvements. Should Gladstone really be accountable they would not go on the ballot in February due to the cost and fairness. They want to go on the ballot in February so they get all these automatic yes votes by the entire entitlement special interest group when fewer voters go to the polls to sway the election. They will always have the same yes votes and pray for a snowstorm on Election Day. Don't fall for their investing in schools operating levies mantra help your property values; all it does is insure they have inflation proof cradle to grave wages and benefits the envy of people in today's job market. We don't need another levy in February while our country is in a financial crisis as Delta County has spoken - live within your budget like we do - open your ears and read your votes!

Tim Caron




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