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A date that will live in infamy

December 22, 2012
Daily Press


Dec. 11, 2012, "a date that will live in infamy!" All working folks with or without a union card need to remember this date along with other dates that illuminate our history. "12-11-12" a sneak attack by this right wing governor, his right wing legislature and the usual cast of anti-union anti-worker plutocrats who are out to destroy the labor movement. This misfeasance was pushed through in a shameless power grab during a lame duck session. I am pleased that Casperson and McBroom did not vote for this abomination and hope they did it out of conscience and conviction rather than a political calculation.

The Governor likes to refer to himself as a "Tough Nerd!" One would think that the noun would apply here, but the adjective may be misplaced. I say this as I have known many tough men and women throughout my life. Starting with the people I grew up with in a small area called Isabella. Most people at this time had wrest their living from the lake, forest or farm and many did all three of these enterprises. Many of our school teachers were also tough, helping kids get as good an education as they could provide. After graduating from high school I found a job working as a constructing laborer in Chicago building runways at O'Hare airport. I met and worked with more tough and hard working men again. Many of these men were African-American with whom I had no contact with before. This was all pick and shovel labor, 12 hour days were common and 16 hour days were not a rarity either! And yes, we all got along well. A few days after I got my first paycheck a business agent, of the laborers local union came on the site and signed me up as a member. The agent checked my pay stub to make sure the amount of payment was correct, gave me his number and told me to call him if there was a problem. I did willingly pay union dues, as for the first time in my life, I could support myself with a living union wage. I had a union card in good standing since this time. Entire books would have to be written about the toughness of my brother and sister iron workers, the people I served with in the military, the other building tradesman, etc. etc. So I say to the governor, "I have known tough people all my life, and you governor are not one of them." The governor's signature is on this right to work law (for less) along with fingerprints and DNA of Charie and Dave Knoch, Dick (Amway) DeVos, A.L.E.C. And many other right wing union busters.

A shout out to the great union leader and humanitarian Walter Reuther, who along with his brother Victor and many others who helped form the great middle class in this state and the nation. We are in grave danger of losing this position to these reactionaries now running our state. I for one do not want to make the state of Michigan - Mississippi without magnolias.

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners



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