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Twenty years too late

December 20, 2012
Daily Press


Reference article on U.S. Congress budget monies for 2013 on Great Lakes restoration by Senator Carl Levin on front page of the Dec. 10, 2012, Escanaba Daily Press.

Sorry Carl, but you are 20 years or more late reference fishery and pollution. Early in the 1990s both sport and commercial fisherman reported that the double crested cormorant was causing devastation and secondly, the ships coming back from the Far East ports that emptied their ballast water into the Great Lakes waters carried destructive invasive species that were destroying the high quality yellow perch, walleyes, northern pike and black suckers fishery. Reports have the Lansing, Mich., DNR over ruling a 90 percent field recommendation to a 10 percent annual cormorant reduction. The U.S. Coast Guard was a ready made agency to control ballast water treatment, but Congress failed to act.

Our labor unions are very influential in electing state and federal representatives and the unions normally ask for the elected to look after their concerns only. If the elected take care of the unions only, other people and problems are not represented. We U.S. citizens are at fault also. When a local problem arises that involves our representative we all should make contact urging that he take legislative action - numbers get results!

Should we assume that Congress acts only when the problem (s) is 20 or more years in duration? The zebra and quagga mussels will be with us forever and most all of the other invasive species.

Robert E. Schmeling




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