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Snyder right by enacting right-to-work

December 19, 2012
Daily Press


Gov. Snyder's right by enacting right to work in Michigan.

I'm against being forced to pay union dues to work. Most union members I knew didn't want to pay union due but were forced to pay them to maintain their employment.

Is being forced to do anything against your will freedom of choice?

During strikes are union leader's paychecks affected?

Has any union official ever asked you what political party, if any, you would like a portion of your dues contributed too?

In my opinion unions simply leech off the working classes to fill the coffers of bought and paid for politicians. In turn politicians enact laws which provide unions more power at the expense of the working classes.

How many union leaders will lose income and/or retirements when a union shop downsizes, closes, or moves overseas because employers can't afford to meet government's bureaucratic regulations as well as increased union demands while attempting to compete with inequitable foreign free trade agreements?

Complaining about Michigan's Houses quick vote, claiming they rammed the bill through without debate, and placed it on the fast track to enactment by Gov. Snyder is laughable.

Union claims the right to work laws designed to bust unions. That's funny as unions use those claims to embed fear into members who want to opt out. They also express non-members will be looked at/treated differently by other union members who maintain union affiliation.

What did the voters in November state via proposal 2?

Unlike Pelosi stating you have to pass the bill to see what's in it, right to work was on the net for months for everyone to read and understand it.

Furthermore, Gov. Snyder's unlike Obama who promised Obamacare wasn't a tax until he had to call it a tax to comply with constitution law. I think Gov. Snyder will man up and follow through with his promises regarding the right to work mandates.

Ray Wickstrom




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