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The Progressive movement

December 17, 2012
Daily Press


This letter will be about the Progressive movement in the United States and what it has meant to our country. The first two leaders in this movement were T. Roosevelt and W. Wilson. TR went after the Trusts and Wilson gave us a few items that we have to contend with today: the income tax and the Federal Reserve among other things. The basic plan of the progressives was to get the brightest people to serve in government and we would be so much better off. Wilson left office with the U.S. in a depression as he had raised taxes. One lesson from this example is that the wealthy hire tax experts to make sure their money is in safe hands.

To the rescue came two Republican presidents who lowered the tax rates and the "Roaring Twenties" took off. Some experts say that it was one of our best economic times. H. Hoover did not fare too well and we entered the worse economic times in our history. FDR took over and he did not correct the ship of state even though he spent huge sums of our tax dollars. When FDR won his second term there was a slight improvement in the economy, but FDR pushed through a lot of new taxes, which killed the good news. World War II brought us out of the depression as we built the weapons that defeated the Axis Powers.

LBJ was the next big spender and gave us the "Great Society." Many of the problems his programs brought us are still causing great harm to our nation. The number of unwed mothers having children has escalated since then. One of the warnings mothers used to give is "Wait until your father gets home." Since about 40 percent of our kids are raised without a father in the house, this would have no real meaning or threat.

Now we have Barack Obama leading the Progressives. He again has tried to get the brightest people in to the various government offices. A word or two about some of these people is appropriate. Valerie Jarrett is Mr. Obama's top advisor. Among some of her efforts was to get that avowed communist Van Jones to head the green jobs programs. She also pushed for the broadest contraception coverage in the health bill. Tim Geithner was the brilliant "whiz kid" selected as the new Treasury Secretary.

A couple of flaws in his resume did not get him barred from his office. He owed $43,000 in federal taxes. He also used his brilliance in botching the problems that faced Indonesia back in the 1990s. He gave that country a recession. We are in a recession and this brilliant person has no solutions to getting us out of the problem.

Susan Rice is another person who is so brilliant that we cannot doubt her. She was selected to handle the Benzghazi mess. Days after the fact that it was a terrorist attack, she took Mr. Obama's line that it was just a mob action, not an al-Qaida attack because Mr. Obama had declared that terrorist group had been just about done. However, Susan has some more problems in her past when she was assistant secretary for African Affairs. In 1996 and in 1997 Sudan offered to hand over Osama bin Ladin, but Susan convinced Bill Clinton not to accept the offer. If we would have had bin Ladin in jail, would 9/11 have happened? Also, in 1998 our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya asked for more security.

This help was not given and 12 Americans were killed. Susan went on TV to falsely claim that "we had no telephone warning or call of any sort like that, that might have alerted either embassy just prior to the blast. But we must not criticize her, as she is so brilliant.

James Hirn




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