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Workers need a choice

December 17, 2012
Daily Press


Even though I will probably get called names by several of the "regulars," I will go ahead and give my opinion. That is what the Opinion page is for. Letters to the editor is the forum that everyday people can voice an opinion. I know some of you find that my opinions are wrong and therefore, you attack me. But here goes.

In order to work in Michigan today, in a good paying job, I have to pay a certain amount of my paycheck to an organization that I have no say in what they do. Obviously, I am talking about unions. This is supposed to be the Land of Freedom, the Land of Opportunity. Workers are not free and do not have a choice unless Right to Work is implemented. I do not agree with the political candidates that the unions support. Yet, I would have to pay a union to be able to work. My money would be used to support what I don't believe in.

The union organizations and leaders are rich. Wisconsin went through something similar. They tried to recall the governor. How did that turn out? The unions were behind the short-lived recall drive for Michigan's governor. What happened with that? I don't remember any special election. Michigan was absolutely on the wrong path and virtually bankrupt when Snyder was elected. Same with Wisconsin. Same with Indiana. All three are success stories now. The story is the same all over. Freedom of choice works. Michigan voted for Snyder. Michigan voted for the Republican House and Senate. We the people spoke. It's pretty much the same as the national election. I have to live with Obama being president and doing the things I don't like. You who don't want Michigan workers to have a choice have to live with the results of the election.

Tom Grant




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