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Horse sense and common sense

December 6, 2012
Daily Press


What's this with the "fiscal cliff?" Is it like the Global Warming fad? Americans have been born into a fiscal cliff what with foreign policy as it is, with politicians running around the globe acting like they know something about anything and American's picking up the tab!

It almost looks as if a crisis has to be created to win office. Are we all going to fall into a hole on Dec. 31? This whole issue seems to be the same old thing, but from a different angle. Who is creating these angles? Anyone we would know? We can blame it on anything but the fact remains that Americans are taken for fools, especially during an election year, which is now stretching into election years, with no end in sight.

When will this "fear mongering" stop? Is Air Force One/Helicopter "One," worth all this "imaging building" and scare tactics? Seems like in the horse and buggy days there was much more "horse sense" than there is now. At least then you could differentiate between horse sense and common sense.

Mary Snyder

Ford River



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