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Spend money as if it were your own

December 5, 2012
Daily Press

This letter was written to President Obama, Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

- - -

With the National Debt of $16 trillion and growing by the millions and billions each and every day, it's time for you three to show some leadership and collectively offer some solutions to our fiscal, political, and social problems. Otherwise, the public should recall you three, plus many more from both parties.

The Republican Party philosophy is basically that of a pit bull dog: "you're basically one of your own from the womb to the tomb" whereas the Democrats will provide you with the basics of life, including now a "cell" phone, from the "womb to the tomb." I understand that the federal "Free Phone" now costs us taxpayers over $1 billion a year and billed on our monthly telephone bill as "Federal Universal Service Fee" of .93 plus tax(s)! What a lot of economic nonsense. I'm a compassionate Christian male, but I truly believe the Democrats must stop giving "handouts" to people who don't want to work, including unwed mothers who give birth to multiple births and expect increased welfare monies for each child. I'm strictly a "Pro Choicer" during the 16 weeks of pregnancy. "Free handouts" must be carefully screened first.

With World War II being over over 65 years ago, I find it totally absurd to currently station any military personnel in England, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, etc. Our military personnel must be returned to the USA and discharged. It's time to stop playing "Leader" to the world.

I support the idea of allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire 1/1/13 for those whose individual income is over $100,000 and whose family income is over $150,000. Someone must begin to start paying down our $16 trillion national debt before the USA goes broke. No, I don't want to learn where the Fed merely devalued the dollar to wipe much of the debt.

The financial group of Congress who couldn't get their plan approved earlier this year and then proposed a 10 percent across the board to reduce our national debt just might have the best idea to avoid each one saying "make all the cuts you want as long as you affect my interests." This includes the military. Sorry Senator Carl Levin.

Absolutely, eliminate all foreign aid except in instances of humanitarian aid due to floods, droughts, or other God created disasters! I'm tired of the USA trying to buy its friends and allies through grants of money under the term of "foreign aid." Our national debt of $16 trillion comes first! Spend money as if it were your own!

Robert E. Gifford

Rapid River



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