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Quit bashing the Republicans

December 3, 2012
Daily Press


Amy Lindle, your guys won the election. You can quit bashing the Republicans. 3 1/2 million Americans made the difference. I have no comment, except, when it all collapses, don't blame Bush. This is all on Obama's watch.

I do take issue with the statements about the hurricane "relief." There are still thousands without power, electric, gas and water. That means in the cold weather, they are not warm. Just tonight, on NBC News of all places, they were discussing how the residents in Staten Island and Coney Island haven't seen any federal or "government" help come their way. Why not? Millions are being donated. Where is the money? All the telethons. All the celebrities donating their time. Some are even donating money! Same thing happened after Katrina, 9/11, Hurricane Andrew, etc. Why? We, the U.S. government can build an Air Force base in the desert in a matter of days, but they can't get help to the taxpayers in need? Four weeks later there are places in New Jersey that still are unreachable because of the sand on the roads. There are people who could get electricity. The power has been turned on to their area, but they cannot afford, or cannot find, anyone to do the electrical repairs needed before powering up their homes. Don't we have qualified electricians out of work all over the country? 9 percent unemployment. Of course, the unions would have to get involved. And who knows how many others would have their hands in the pot.

What happened to us? We used to be able to just get it done. I guess we have to have a real crisis. Wait - it's coming sooner than you expect.

Tom Grant




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