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Don’t worry about the Romneys

December 3, 2012
Daily Press


In reading Mary Snyder's "letter to the editor" of Tuesday, Nov. 20, I found it to be sub-professional to her normal savvy. In her letter, Mary is unhappy with the way that Mitt Romney and his family have been treated following the election and is even concerned for Mrs. Romney's health.

The election results have grieving Republicans urging states to secede from the union and there is even talk of impeaching the President. Even Mr. Romney himself, in an interview, accused the President of "buying the election" with gifts to women and minorities, not to mention the needy. The Republicans only spent over a billion dollars trying to "buy the election."

Mary states that "Mitt Romney epitomized a mature educated gentleman of class." A gentleman of that caliber does not show disrespect for the President of the United States, insult women and minorities or approve TV ads that were proven to be totally false and some which were radically offensive. Oh! And lets not forget the "famous 47 percent." It might be said that Mr. Romney was his own worst enemy.

I'm sure that the loving couple, along with their songs have stopped weeping by now and Mrs. Romney's health is just fine and she is back working with her very expensive horses. As for Mitt, I would assume that he will return to Bain Capital and do what he does best. That being making millions of dollars by purchasing companies, then draining their assets forcing them into bankruptcy causing many thousands of good hard-working people to lose their jobs or better yet, shutting the company down and move it off shore.

Mary closes her letter with "have we turned into a nation of bullies?" There is a "true story" of when Mitt Romney was in high school. He was the ring leader of a "bully gang" who once held a fellow classmate, with extremely long hair, down to the ground and shaved his head. Who is the bully now?

Bob Johnson




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