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Letter was short on facts

November 26, 2012
Daily Press


I am writing this letter to rebut Rosemarie Hall's letter in the Nov. 17, 2012 Daily Press. Rosemarie's letter sounded like a sound-bite from Fox News television - short on facts and long on nonsense. She begins her letter with "Obama will destroy this country in four years and the Supreme Court will be compromised." If Rosemarie wanted to be specific within this statement, she should have taken the opportunity within her letter. The fact remains that the Supreme Court must uphold the law of the land as it is written and it is up to the court to interpret these laws, and the President cannot interfere or place his signature within any law that is put into place. These are simply the facts without Fox News or any other news organization.

Her next line was: "There was a Russian submarine off the coast of Eastern U.S. Why are they there?" Through treaties with Russia that have been in place since Ronald Reagan, Russia is allowed to patrol the oceans within a certain parameter of the U.S. shoreline for their own safety. We are also allowed to patrol waters near Russia under this same agreement. This is not a nonsense situation that Obama caused. It was a situation where Russia was too close to the U.S. shore according to world-wide GPS coordinates and the situation was quickly resolved - Russia admitted that their GPS coordinates were not accurate. Exactly how is this a conspiracy that Obama created?

Because Rosemarie's letter was so full of utter nonsense, I will only comment on one more of her statements. Pertaining to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, she stated that "He (Obama) will do nothing to help the people without water, heat and living in homes almost destroyed by Sandy." Amazingly, she did not hear about the federal government's commitment to help victims of Hurricane Sandy which Governor Christie (R) knows is true. These commitments are signed into action by the President's pen, which cannot be debated by the Congress or the Senate; the President does not need approval by legislators in a domestic state of emergency. But if Rosemarie did her homework instead of watching Fox News, she would have known this.

Rosemarie's letter sounds more like sour grapes from losing the election than from actual facts that will propel our nation into a recovery, assuming that the Republican Congress is focused on reaching across the isle and is not simply attempting to stonewall the American recovery because they are not in power!

Republicans need to get over the fact that they lost the election and start getting down to the business of helping to rebuild this nation. Isn't that why they were elected in the first place? Or is it about their own agenda?

Amy Lindley

Bark River



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