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Why are there still no answers?

November 21, 2012
Daily Press


As the holiday season begins to approach I ask why we still have no answers. One year and seven months ago my best friend Adam Gerald Campbell was found burning to death in a car fire. His life was taken from so many so very unexpectedly early the morning of April 9, 2011. This was a very tragic event to family and friends not to mention the community as a whole. A mother and father lost a son, a son lost a father, siblings lost a brother, aunts and uncles lost a nephew and at the very least friends lost someone they always knew they could trust and cherish. Why is this "still under investigation" and why has no one been punished? Why are we still waiting on evidence? I think we have waited long enough!

I said this before and will continue to say this, I refuse to see this become a cold case, be boxed up and sat on a shelf to be forgotten about. I have found it my calling to continue to ask and wonder what happened and what is being done about it. I want to raise my children to know that our legal system does the right thing when a criminal act is performed. However I and so many others have begun to feel this failing. Our hope and faith in our community law officers is beginning to dissipate over time. I do not want this to happen however we want and deserve answers, and at this point we have nothing to hold on to.

I would like to say thank you on behalf of all Adam knew for those who took the time to make and distribute the wanted posters throughout the community. However I ask why since it was done have we heard nothing further? When the posters were distributed they were in a mass amount, and the news made a point to let everyone know they existed and a reward was being offered. Now businesses are removing them and nothing has been told. If anything at all has surfaced from them why do we not know about it?

We do not live in a big city where things of this nature happen often. As I stated previously the only thing worse than losing Adam was losing him in Escanaba where people want to raise families and retire for the rest of their lives. We teach our children to call the police when something is wrong, or someone is in trouble and they will help. So many people involved in this case have begun to find this hard to encourage when we all feel so full heartedly the system has failed Adam and his family. I feel we deserve something such as; we have questioned more or we have a possible suspect. Why does it seem this will never happen?

With the holidays and the two year anniversary of his death nearing I would like to hope someone can find it in their heart to respond in some manner to this letter. Please give some hope and faith to the family and community that this will be solved and not forgotten about. Could you continue to go on and maintain sanity and happiness when someone took the life of your loved one in cold blood? Could you move on and not live in the past if you had no one to hold accountable or blame for loosing your loved one? I ask one more time wouldn't you want to know who killed your child, father, brother, loved one or friend?

I am seeking answers on behalf of all involved and I will continue to do so until answers are received and justice is served.

Ashley Brown

Rapid River



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