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Obama will ruin the country

November 17, 2012
Daily Press


Obama will destroy this country in four years and the Supreme Court will be compromised. There was a Russian submarine off the coast of Eastern U.S. Why are they there? Is this an omen of things to come. Remember Obama's off microphone comment to the Russian President? "I'll be able to do more once I've been re-elected." Well, now we'll find out what his "more" is. He bypasses the Congress on every turn. He overuses his powers of "executive orders." Be prepared for much higher gas and utility prices. Cap and Trade will be off and running in no time. He already shut down one coal mine and more are in his sights. Now the pink slips will be sent to the 1,500 employees of Lockheed. He will not open up exploration of natural gas and oil shale. And the pipeline from Canada will be stopped in it's tracks.

He will do nothing to help the people without water, heat and living in homes almost destroyed by Sandy. He is all talk and nothing else. His Obamacare will be shoved down our throats and watch our coverage be governed by his so-called 15 appointees who will decide who gets what treatment. Your health insurance with your company will soon be usurped by government and we will all be on Obamacare. He won't say that the shooting at Ford Hood is a terrorist attack. It is a "workplace insurrection." How do we stop our president? We can't. Maybe he will now show us his true colors.

Now I am sure, he really believes he is "untouchable."

Rosemarie Hall




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