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Women and the election

November 12, 2012
Daily Press


Once again women were exploited in another election. Funded abortions and birth control seem to have taken precedence over common decency and common sense. The birth control pills will have to arrive by mail as the jobless women won't be able to afford gas to pick them up. Girls graduating from college will be walking down the streets, looking for nonexistent work. It's almost like the 50s, except that then, decency and reasonable hope prevailed and there were some jobs available.

There was "light at the end of the tunnel," compared to now, where the tunnel is too long to get to the light.

They are saying we need to change. Change to what? Politicians in Washington have all but destroyed our beautiful country, with fun and fantasy filled lifestyles, lack of American values, and goals of changing ours. They have so exploited us that we "can't see the forest for the trees."

Elections are won with money, much of it tax money, owned by the electorate. We need to be careful as to who gets to use that money against us, especially us women.

Mary Snyder

Ford River



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