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The electorate has changed their motivation

November 13, 2012
Daily Press


Benjamin Franklin said: "When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic"

Until yesterday I would have said that the United States could recover and return to the status of a true representative republic. Now I think not. Many people who were polled after voting stated that they voted for Obama but couldn't name the sitting vice-president. How can one vote without knowing who or what one is really voting for? I am a conservative but have voted for at least one Democrat on every ballot I have cast. I believe there are good people in both parties.

40 years ago I would have been a Democrat. But the current party establishment does not reflect it's original core values or principles.

What we have now is what the Democrat Party establishment has always wanted, a majority of voters beholden to government for entitlements.

The fact that Obama was re-elected is historically counter-intuitive to every election that has occurred in this country based on data such as unemployment, debt and economic statistics. This tells me one thing. The electorate has changed their motivation to something that resembles the direction of western European nations.

They want their entitlements and they felt that Obama was most likely to preserve them. All other considerations were irrelevant. It is truly a sad day for my children and future grandchildren.

Matthew Gay




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