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Why the concern over city’s medical marijuana stand?

November 10, 2012
Daily Press


I find it very interesting that non-community residents would be concerned with/opposed to Escanaba's city leaders desire to create an ordinance to regulate usage/growing of medical marijuana in our community. Especially when our community leaders are trying to defend our citizenry from various criminal elements and increased criminal activities associated with the drug cult, including medical marijuana usage.

Whereas by creating an ordinance our community leaders would in fact be assisting law enforcement agencies in identifying the "legal growers" who've taken up residence/operations in our communities from the drug related criminal elements within our community.

In fact by creating an ordinance regarding the use/growing of medical marijuana our leaders are protecting our citizens, including children, from unwanted contact/exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke like they've done with unwanted contact/exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke through the creation of various smokefree areas via ordinances/state law.

In fact by creating an ordinance regarding the usage/growing of medical marijuana our community leaders are also protecting citizens financial investments via property value retention. Values which are drastically diminished when unwanted and/or socially unaccepted legal and/or criminal elements/operations takeover/move into one's community.

However, a very simple means of resolving all the problems brought on by legalizing medical marijuanas usage, growing, and disbursement is for the state to enact a law that makes it illegal for non-government entities to grow marijuana, including medical marijuana.

In turn, the state could create its own medical marijuana growing operations/farms, ensuring controlled growing, sales, and disbursement of medical marijuana to residents/patients qualified to receive it.

Whereas medical marijuana cards could be issued by state employed physicians who would determine who is/isn't actually in need of such medication. Whereas the state would be ensuring no harmful substances are being added to this prescribed drug, medical marijuana.

In fact by selling this medication, medical marijuana, Michigan could place a tax upon its sale just like they do with other controlled prescription medications, tobacco, alcohol and other items whose usage/sales are restricted by state law.

Raymond A. Wickstrom




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