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Who is your Ultimate Authority?

November 3, 2012
Daily Press


Here's a question that deserves thoughtful consideration: who is your Ultimate Authority?

If we implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as written, we will be living under government as the highest authority. The issue of change is a loss of religious conscience rights. Currently, a Doc or nurse has the right to refuse participation in abortions, if, for example, they believe a human fetus is a pre-birth child.

Obama's PPACA, however, specifically prohibits that right, demanding that docs and nurses perform abortion procedures, even if it means to them, that they must murder a tiny member of the human family. By taking a position above the conscience of its citizens, the government has staked a claim to be above God in the chain of command. They are saying they are the ultimate authority.

Is that safe? Is any human group safe to establish as the Ultimate Authority? Seems like members of the human family have a hard time with any kind of power; political, financial, social. Even our religious communities have trouble staying real.

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." (Lord Acton 1887)

James Madison stated in 1785, that "religious an unalienable right," and is "exempt from the authority of the Society at large," i.e., the government. Memorial and Remonstrance against Religious Assessment). Government was not to favor any religion nor the hinder of free exercise of religious practice. Our founding documents establish that the founders believed God, not government, gave man our rights. The job of government was to secure these rights not take them away.

If we implement the PPACA we multiply the size, power and reach of the federal government. By accepting loss of conscience rights, we support suppression of people of faith. History confirms that when a nation suppresses their religious communities, the government becomes the church, and literally, hell breaks loose.

If the PPACA is implemented, many Christian denominations and others who value conscience, will refuse to comply. ( Our Constitution charges us to resist unjust laws. It will take months, or years to get the legal challenges through the court system. The current atmosphere of uncertainty will continue holding down job growth.

Sobering, isn't it? Surely, our nation is on shaky ground. This is a good time to pray, seek the truth, be open to correction and redirection.

The God of my understanding promises that if we do that, He will heal our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14) He also says if we do not walk His Way, we will continue to distance ourselves from His protection. (Deut 30:19) That is bad news.

Lynn Hansen, LCSW (ret.)




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