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Library letter response

October 30, 2012
Daily Press


In response to the letter "Don't Attack the Library," a couple of weeks ago I have to make some comments. First of all you gave me a hearty laugh. I cannot believe how you spun that letter that Clint Micheau wrote in about the library to be a war on women. Only a die hard leftist Democrat could come up with that.

I am Clint's mother and I know he completely respects women and treats them so.

He treats me and his wife and other women with complete respect. Only the Democrats spin that junk into war on women. If we believe in protecting innocent lives (against Planned Parenthood) then we're against women. Planned Parenthood is our biggest abortion pusher in the country and on your tax dollars. The commercial says we want to take away health care and cancer screening - they don't even do that, just more lies to try and make it a woman on woman. If we taxpayers don't want to buy your birth control pills and give your daughters free abortions (not free taxpayer dollars) then we're taking women's rights away. Hogwash.

There is no war on women. It's a war of words with the Dem's trying to score anyone who believes differently than they do also, as far as "doesn't fit our agenda" was the librarian's words, not Clint's.

Grow your own conclusions on that.

Bea Micheau




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