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Political signs questioned

October 27, 2012
Daily Press


Right or wrong, or maybe, right or left. I have noticed some things that are bothering me. Politicians tend to drive me crazy and I don't really pay much attention to the whole political thing. However, I have to say that our Republicans seem to do a much better job of following the rules with lawn signs that the Democrats.

There is a candidate running for office that seems to be out of control with the lawn signs. Why would a candidate spend large amounts of money on signs, and then put numerous amounts of them in one piece of property. I see it as such a waste. Mr. Sabor has multiple signs in numerous places.

Furthermore, I know there are rules concerning sign sizes and placements. I looked it up online and the fact is there are not supposed to be signs on boulevards. They are to be inside the property owners land. Take a look at the 20 Tom Sabor signs lined up along 3rd Avenue North in Escanaba. 20 signs placed illegally on public property.

When I was researching the issue, I went to the Republican headquarters to ask about signs and they wanted to know my name and address and then instructed me that they have to be placed propertly. I say kudos to our GOP for following the rules.

I'm not much of a voter, but on this issue the Republicans get my vote.

Robert Larson




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