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Stop the nasty letters

October 27, 2012
Daily Press


I am a woman, soon to become 75 years and it saddens my aging heart to see all these nasty letters, to the editor. People of our local community, ripping each other's views apart, because, they say what's on their hearts for America's future. We are to stand united because, the Bible tells us. A country divided will surely fall.. Why can't we, as individuals speak our minds, without all the nasty responses? From those who disagree. What has happened, to our freedom of speech, so many Americans have given their lives to protect on foreign battle fields? Freedom of speech is one of America's wonderful blessings, at least it use to be.

In America only, do we have this privilege, to speak your minds, in foreign countries you don't to speak your minds, in foreign countries you don't get nasty responses, you get shot...dead.

We have become a nation of dog eat dog. How sad it is. We Americans, have succumbed to attacking each others beliefs, our morals, our principles. It is so disheartening to see such a great nation as The United States of America slowly going down the drain and all because we as a Christian nation, are sitting back and allowing God to be irradiated from the very foundation America was built on, he is the center of the core of America, our money even states "In God We Trust." But for how long only God knows, before that too some day might read "In On World Order We Trust." I will take my dying breath, proudly saying God bless America and all it stands for. Freedom for all - religious tolerance for all, and I pray united we will always stand because divided we will surly fall. The choice is ours which do you choose? And isn't it bad enough foreign enemies are attacking our great nation - do we really have to attack each other where will it end? United we stand divided we fall, making us as a nation vulnerable to all foreign attacks, and our dog eat dog attitude make their job all the easier. The choice is ours - I pray we all show more compassion than what's been seen in our editors column these past months.

In Christian love for all

Verlynn Anderson




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