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Take letters at face value

October 26, 2012
Daily Press


In a letter published on Oct. 16, Cookie Gascon talks about somebody who referenced her previous letter to the editor. As I am the only person to have referenced that letter in print, I can only assume that he was addressing me. At the end of her letter he asks (and I'm paraphrasing for length) "God loves all of his children, but we decide if we love him in return. I know my friends and family love him, what about you?" Normally, I don't like to keep strings like this going on, but a direct question deserves a direct response.

As I mentioned in my letter, I am an atheist. I do not believe that any type of god or gods exist. As such, it is impossible for me to love god, just as it is impossible for me to love the boogie man, the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, or any of the myriad other man made myths and monsters. I do not believe, suggest, or imply that others shouldn't be permitted to believe if they so desire. I simply support the separation between the church and the state that is guaranteed under the First Amendment.

Freedom of religion means freedom from religion. A Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or other believer is free to practice their religion without governmental interference. Likewise, an atheist should be free to not believe and to not practice any religion without governmental interference or having other people's religious beliefs legislated upon them. Purist Christian teaching opposes divorce, but divorce is legal for all and it is up to the individuals involved to make the decision based upon their personal beliefs. Likewise, a woman should be free to make the decision on whether or not to have an abortion based on her personal beliefs and same sex couples should be free to decide to enter into the legal union of marriage based on their personal beliefs. Those who are opposed to these things can feel free to still oppose them, just as many Christians (and others) are free to oppose divorce while divorce remains legal for the general populous.

Mr. Gascon, in your letter, you compare the Democratic Party awkwardly adding God and Israel to their platform to the passing of the ACA. However, this isn't even an apples to oranges comparison. What you're trying to do is equate an apple to a pen. They are entirely unrelated. You also state that I have implied that GOP means "God's Only People." This assertion is simply false and I implore you to take my letters at face value, which is exactly how in interpreted yours. There is no meaning between the lines of what I write; there is only the text on the page.

Bryan J. Sebeck




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