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Two votes against President Obama

October 26, 2012
Daily Press


As a child, my parents taught me to always tell the truthfor if I lied (about something I had done wrong) my punishment would be much more severe.

Now as an adult, with my memory failing at times, this lesson has taken on much more importance. I have learned that if I always tell the truth I will continue telling the truth But if I choose to lie, I will have to remember everything I ever said in order for anyone to ever believe anything I say.

What in the world is going on in the White House with this Bengasi situation? It appears that everyone has a different story. Which one do we believe? Which one is true? The only facts that we know is that four of our brave citizens are now dead. Their families have many unanswered questions. Our sympathies and prayers are with them.

I pause now to wonder if we might have been better off, as a nation, to have elected our first woman president instead of our first black president? After all, under the previous Clinton administration our country was prosperous and safe.

We will never know.

After reading today's article in the paper about Hillary Clinton accepting all responsibility for the Bengasi incident it appears to me that she has been thrown under the bus. So much for the war on women!

I realize that Delta County is heavily populated with a Democrat persuasion. I also realize it will be hard for a lot of Democrats to vote again for President Obama following his failed policies. It may be even harder for them to vote for a Republican candidate (Mitt Romney).

Please consider the results of your decision. If you decide to vote for President Obama we will probably continue on the same path or perhaps a worse path than we are now on. If you decide to not vote for any presidential candidate, President Obama will still get your vote.

If you choose, however, to vote for Mitt Romney it will be two votes against President Obama. One vote he did not get and one vote for Mitt Romney.

Cookie Gascon




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