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Don’t vote Republican

October 26, 2012
Daily Press


Over the years, while I owned and operated the Sugar Bush at Eustis, I hired dozens, maybe hundreds of young people and adults who were between jobs to tap trees, gather maple sap, and wash pails. In many instances, it would be their first experience at having 61.2 cents per hour withheld from their pay. They'd ask why and I'd tell them to be proud of their first payment on their retirement and their health-care during retirement. I told them that I was proud and happy to be matching that amount in my monthly payment to Social Security and Medicare.

Please, please, I pray you won't vote Republican and help them amend, alter, privatize, or in any other cute way change, diminish, or (more accurately) end Social Security and Medicare as they have wanted to do since they were started. I payed all that money in and I don't want it to be turned into a tax break for Mitt Romney and his cronies. Mitt and Bain Capitol are presently ripping apart a company in Freeport, Ill., and grabbing all of its assets, taking the workers' retirement funds, forcing the workers to train their Chinese replacements, and shipping the jobs to China. Isn't that patriotic? What they are doing there is the equivalent of buying a new Caddy for $500 down, stripping it and not making a payment. That's how Romney got rich.

You won't learn about that on Fox News. If you watch Fox News, you could become more informed by going in a cave and studying the charcoal drawings on the walls.

Terry DeLoughary

Bark River



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