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Socialism or free enterprise

October 23, 2012
Daily Press


We will soon vote in one of the most critical elections of all time - an election that will bring us into a socialist state, with all kinds of government control of our lives (Obama), or an election that will bring back American exceptionalism, freedom to build businesses and hire employees and prosper as only America can (Romney).

We've seen what an abysmal failure socialism has been in other countries (Greece is a good example). All three moderators in the recent debates have been typically left wing, with twice as many questions benefitting Obama. I am hopeful that Americans will see through all the lies and distortions put in front of us on a daily basis in the mainstream news media. Obama may be a good speaker, thanks to his teleprompter, but he is not a leader in any sense of the word. A real leader would not be going on talk shows and to Las Vegas campaigning with all the disasters going on in the Middle East.

Obama refuses to admit what most people know for a fact... Muslim extremists want to annihilate America! Think back... Bobby Kennedy was shot by a muslim extremist; in 1972 Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by Muslim extremist; in 1979, the U.S. embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslims; in 1985, a 70 year old American on the cruise ship Achille Lauro was murdered and thrown overboard by Muslims. On 9/11, Muslims hijacked four airliners with a plan to take down the TWC and Pentagon. There are numerous other examples of Muslim extremists killing or trying to kill Americans. Yet Obama practices a policy of apology and appeasement and even hesitates to call the recent Libya massacre where our American Ambassador and three others were killed, as having been done by "terrorists."

His entire administration tried to cover up the facts surrounding Libya but more is coming out each day that completely contradicts what we've been told. Romney is a man of integrity and character who has worked in the private sector all of his life and been very successful. He knows how to get America back on the right track and how important it is to have lower tax rates so that businesses will grow and hire more employees. He knows that government control in every area of our lives is not what America is about. Romney is also someone who is able to bring partisan groups together to work toward a common goal (87 percent of his Massachusetts legislature were Democrats and yet he was a very successful governor). Even John F. Kennedy, in a Dec. 14, 1962, speech, advocated for lower tax rates to encourage businesses to expand. I sincerely hope that Americans will not be a "single issue" voter, voting only for someone who will benefit themselves personally, but that they will consider what is best for the entire country.

BJ Potts

Ford River



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