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A vote for more of the same

October 23, 2012
Daily Press


Did you notice how many times Obama said he is "for the middle class?" Also, on how he is going to bring back manufacturing to the U.S.? Why didn't he do that in his first four years? Why did he give $1 billion to Brazil to help them with off-shore oil drilling and said - I quote - "We will be your best customer?" Why does he still say "No" to the keystone pipeline? Why did he give millions of dollars to Finland to make the Fiskar-an all electric car? Why was the FBI sent to the Gibson Guitar factory to stop them from importing the main wood product they need to make their guitars? Why have they closed down the last light bulb company in the U.S., now all light bulb products are made in China? Why did he make Jeff Imelt his "job czar?" He now heads his commission on job creation! Who is Imelt? He was CEO of GE and GE is moving its headquarters from Madison, Wis. to Beijing, China. GE manufactures our big engines for trains and planes in the U.S. Will he turn this technology over to the Chinese?

Why did the Obama administration offer to pay (with taxpayer's money) any lawsuits incurred by Lockheed for their not sending out pink-slips to 1,500 employee's who may be laid off in January 2013? The law says the employees have to be informed three months before the lay-off, which would make pink-slip notifications to go out the first of November That would be just before the election Nov. 6. Can't have 1,500 lay-offs being sent just before the election! Lockheed will be hard hid by sequestration! Vote for Obama - vote for more of the same!

Rosemarie Hall




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