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Mitt Romney’s story

October 20, 2012
Daily Press


The Oct. 12, in the defense of Mitt Romney letter by Mr. Tom Grant, heaps shame on both the letter writer, Bob Archambeau and the editor. I see no shame in either the letter, "success, at what cost?" or it being printed. Mr. Grant should leave the defense to lawyers with some expertise like F. Lee Bailey, Gerry Spense, or Richard (Racehorse) Haynes!

The case Mr. Grant lays our makes one wonder if he is merely a pettifoger? Has he written letters to the editor lacking in veracity before?

Yes, Mr. Grant, businesses fail at a rate of 50 percent within the first year, for many reasons too numerous to mention in this letter. Many others fail also after this one year period. If Mr. Grant has taken over struggling businesses and turned them around and did not do what Mitt and Bain did, a big thumbs up from this old guy! Mitt and Bain made money regardless if the companies succeeded or failed. Sort of like Mitt and Bain owning the fire insurance policy on houses owned by others. I wonder how Mr. Grant knows what Mitt did with his inheritance from his father? Mitt has been less than forthcoming about any of his finances. Commenting on the (extreme success) by Mitt in business ventures, I am not surprised as Mitt has claimed he is an (extreme Conservative). Sports Authority and Staples are companies in the Walmart mode, huge repositories of Chinese made junk, (I don't mean the Chinese, flat bottomed ship, with battened sails and a high poop deck). Couple this with low wages, many part-time workers, few benefits, etc. Lets compare this business model with the shuttered steel plant and the many other businesses that Mitt and Bain looted, gutted and outsourced to China. Remember these jobs that died here allowed a blue collar guy or gal to have a living wage, own a home, have a decent car, health care, pensions, a little vacation time and help the kids get an education. So to everyone in the voting booth, Nov. 6, do you really want the Mitt and Bain way?

Mitt is a high ranking Bishop in his church and has taken a vow of poverty. Not his own but the 47 percent or more he so snidely dismissed while speaking and groveling before his fellow plutocrats. Speaking only for myself, I do not like Mitt or his Ayn Rand loving running mate, Paul Ryan. Both are long and wide with a millimeter of depth. Mr. Grant assumes that everyone wants riches. Maybe true? I sort of like old adage, "neither riches or poverty give me," also the sage advice my dad gave in learning to live like a poor man.

Much of Mr. Grant's letter was not germane to Bob Archambeau letter. However Mr. Grant is correct about Mitt making a fortune for himself, his family and his 1 percent buddies. I will ask the same question Bob Archambeau asked in his letter, "at what cost?" But I will add "at who's cost?"

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners



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