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Romney and government welfare

October 19, 2012
Daily Press


I would be remiss if I sat by and let the standard right-wing myth about "government handouts" go yet again unchallenged.

Mr. Grant in his letter of Oct. 12, 2012 ended his treatise thusly: "Some work for it, like Romney, some just get it from government. Whatever works for you."

Of course a fine American like Romney doesn't receive welfare like the layabouts Mr. Grant implies permeate our country (half of the country, according to his idol Mr. Romney). Mr. Romney's a true patriot, a true hard-working American! He has a great hair cut. He has a million-dollar smile. And he belongs to the party that think it owns God.

But here's how the true patriots like Romney operate:

1) Romney's Bain took government welfare via tax breaks and subsidies for an Indiana steel mill they took over (Los Angeles Times, Jan. 12 2012).

2) Romney negotiated loan forgiveness for his consulting firm from an FDIC-insured bank in New England for tens of millions of dollars (Boston Globe, July 15, 2011).

3) GS Steel, a Bain-controlled entity, underfunded its pension obligations and shamelessly accepted a $44 million taxpayer bailout afterward (Reuters, 1-6-12).

There's more. So much more. But you get the idea. I won't even get into the $21 trillion Romney and his ruling-class colleagues stash in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes here in the United States - because, hey, we all know that's what true patriots do. God bless the moneychangers. God Bless America.

This isn't an attempt to persuade anyone else to change a vote. That's hopeless. People have been voting against their self interests since the inception of this country. That will never change.

But I dare say the 47 percent that Romney badmouths know a lot more about being true American patriots than Romney will ever know.

I'm frankly rather sick and tired of these true hard-working, hand-to-mouth patriots being labeled the problem in this country. If that isn't insulting enough the Right crowns a career government welfare taker like Romney - a leech of millions and millions of taxpayer dollars for his own personal gain and those of a small circle of his cronies - King Patriot.


Give me the single mom working two jobs, going to school, receiving welfare, and trying to better herself and her family over an entitled hack like Romney.

Every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Bill Milligan




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